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4 Molasses Health Benefits

I bet you didn't know that Molasses can benefit your health! Check out this list of 4 Molasses Health Benefits

4 Molasses Health Benefits

No one wants to be slow as molasses in January, but did you know that Molasses is actually good for you? It makes excellent cakes and treat, but did you know it has health benefits too!

You can find Blackstrap molasses at many grocery stores and even online stores like amazon very reasonably!  Check out these 4 Molasses Health Benefits that you would have never guessed!

For Hair

I would have never guessed this one, but Molasses is good for hair! Blackstrap molasses contains copper which is important for hair growth. Used internally and externally it may help improve hair growth and some people even report that it helped reverse graying hair and brought back their natural hair color when used regularly.

I definitely wouldn’t recommend pouring it directly on hair! That would be a HUGE mess, but I like diluting it with equal parts water and pouring on hair as a 20-minute nourishing hair mask. (Note: It will darken hair slightly for a short time!)

Low-Sugar Sweetener

Though blackstrap molasses isn’t exceptionally sweet, it can be a substitute for sugar or syrup in some recipes or can be added to baked goods to boost the nutritional profile. I like using a 50:50 mixture with maple syrup as a sweetener in many of my recipes.

Iron Boost

Did you know that blackstrap molasses is one of the few non-animal sources of iron. Many doctors and midwives recommend 1-2 tablespoons a day for those with anemia or related disorders. The high iron content and presence of minerals like magnesium make it helpful for menstrual troubles and pregnant women.

TIP: Don’t like the taste by itself, so I mix it into coffee or tea

For Digestion

Molasses is full of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and manganese also make molasses beneficial for digestion. Some people who suffer from constipation notice relief from consuming 1-2 tablespoons in warm water each day. It is also a natural stool softener and is exceptionally beneficial after pregnancy to help return digestion to normal and boost iron levels. I was even instructed by the pediatrician to ad a tsp to a 5 oz bottle of water when one of my babies was constipated. Cleared it right up.


Have you tried using Molasses for your health before? I would love to hear your results.

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