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Eating Dairy Free at Universal Studios Florida

Looking for a great meal, dessert, or snack at Universal but need it to be Dairy-Free? Check out this list of great items that are Dairy Free at Universal Studios.

Eating Dairy Free at Universal Studios

Having food limitations can make traveling and enjoying a vacation difficult sometimes. Luckily more and more theme parks and places like Universal Studios are making it easier for those with special food needs. If you have an allergy or you are avoiding dairy for personal reasons, check out these great tips for eating Dairy-Free at Universal Studios Florida!

Dairy Free at Universal Studios

2 girls with orange fizz in leaky cauldron

Is Butterbeer Dairy-Free?

First, let’s get the big question that everyone asks out of the way. Is Butterbeer Dairy Free. The answer is NO. While the drink itself is dairy-free the topping is NOT. Per JK Rowlings rules Universal cannot serve Butterbeer without the topping. So, if you are allergic to dairy, unfortunately, you are going to need to skip the butterbeer. Don’t worry, there are other fun Wizarding World beverages that are dairy free!

Dairy-Free Desserts

girl with dairy free ice cream cone at ben and Jerrys

Kids with food allergies will have you searching high and low for dairy-free treats at Universal Orlando. I will update this post as we find more, but here is what we have so far.

  • Icees – (all over the park and in different flavors too!) Feel like going nuts. Get a refillable cup for the day. They will refill it with icees, not just beverages.
  • Dairy-Free Ice Cream – Ben & Jerry’s in Universal Orlando across from the Mummy has Dairy-Free Ice Cream Flavors!
  • Dole Whip – Schwab’s Pharmacy in Universal Orlando has Dairy Free Dole Whip. They tend to close before 4 pm. You have been warned.
  • VooDoo Doughnuts – Head to City Walk and grab a Vegan Portland Creme doughnut. You are welcome. They are seriously the best dairy-free/vegan treat on property.
  • Fruit – If you are looking for a healthier treat, there is fresh fruit in several places in the park.
  • Wizarding World Beverages – Butterbeer is a no-go but there are other drinks in the wizarding world that are just sweet and delicious. Try an Otter’s Fizzy Orange. YUM!
  • Toothsome Chocolate Emporium –  They have a Dairy Free Chocolate Shake that I hear is pretty good.
  • Dippin Dots – Dippin Dots has vegan/dairy free flavors available and they are really good! Try the Rainbow Ice!
  • Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt –  This is in City Walk but they do have dairy-free flavors.
  • Cold Stone Creamery – Cold Stone is also in City Walk but they have some dairy-free sorbets that are pretty good!
  • Honk Honkers Cotton Candy – Hit up Islands of Adventure and head straight to Seussland for a cotton candy the size of your head…or bigger. Seriously these things are HUGE!

Dairy-Free Meals

Girl with hamburger at confiscos

Universal handles food allergies like a boss. When you go into any food establishment on the property or in City Walk tell them your limitations. They are very knowledgable and will send a chef out to discuss your options. Here is a list of some of our personal favorites

  • Hamburgers from Confiscos – They also have a dedicated gluten-free fryer if you need it and you are in the mood for fries!
  • Margaritaville. The whole restaurant is great and has tons of options. Just ask.
  • The Three Broomsticks – They have a Roasted Chicken Platter that is INSANELY AMAZING! They also have a Great Feast that will feed your entire family. These meals are far from typical amusement park food. Roast chicken, potatoes, and corn that are tender and delicious!
  • Antojitos – In City Walk with so many options to choose from. Just ask to speak to the chef about your limitations. You can take a peek at the menu, but don’t let that limit you.
  • Mythos – This one is in Islands of Adventure. Lots of options. Just ask to speak to the chef.

Dairy-Free Snacks

Girl with dairy free dipping dots

Lots of snacks at Universal are Dairy Free. Many of the carts have fruit, and chips as options. You can also check out

  • Auntie Annes – They offer a dairy-free/vegan pretzel. Sometimes you have to wait for them to make it fresh which can take 20 minutes. (you have been warned)
  • Starbucks – There is a Starbucks in both parks and in true Starbucks fashion they have a ton of healthy snack options. You can always find a kind bar, a cup of fruit, and more inside. Just check them out.
  • Popcorn –  The popcorn in the park is flavored with a dairy free butter topping! So pop away! You can get a souvenir refillable bucket and snack until you can snack no more.
  • Fries – French fries are at many of the restaurants in the park and they are dairy free!
  • Taco-Man Taco Truck – This is in the Simpsons section and they have tortilla chips and a killer taco.

Hopefully, these tips will help you find something delicious to enjoy while you are in the park. As always, menus change and so do ingredients. For your safety please double check with the attendant while you are in the park to make sure these items are still dairy free and safe for you to eat! Enjoy your vacation.

You can also check out these tips for eating Gluten Free at Universal Studios Too!

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  1. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!!!! We are going on Friday on a school field trip with my daughters class. She is so worried (me too) about trying to find things to eat while also watching 10 other students. As we all know allergy-friendly meals can take longer to prepare and we want to be prepared so others do not have to wait on us. This post helps so much! I think I just need to print it out. 🙂

    1. Hey Rhonda! First of all, have a blast and enjoy the day with your daughter! Universal is so much fun! I am glad that this post helps! You can follow Universal Orlando on facebook and send them a message via messenger on your phone while you are in the park if you have any questions. Usually it replies with an automated response but you can type in “live person” and someone will come on and answer any questions or concerns almost immediately. It’s super helpful when you are looking for something specific. Have a great time! ?

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