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5 Ways to Get Paid to Travel

Love to travel, but don’t have the budget? Check out these 5 Ways to get Paid to Travel! Love to travel, but don't have the budget? Check out these 5 Ways to get Paid to Travel!

It’s the dream to be able to travel and get paid to do it, right? You have heard there are some lucky people who are doing it right now, traveling and getting paid to do so but you can never grasp exactly how or they are so vague about it like they don’t want you to know. Well here are the top 5 ways they are earning money to travel other than scoring that awesome travel writer position. There are many others and you can make money to travel with any jobs that are not location dependent.

5 Ways to Get Paid to Travel

Start a travel blog

This isn’t an instant way to earn money but it will earn money over time. Blog your travels and monetize your blog via ads and sponsored posts and eventually, it can be your sole source of travel income.

Work as a travel photographer

Handy with a camera? Even if you aren’t you can take a photography class and travel the world taking pictures. There are many sites you can sell your photos on even to magazines and websites. You can sell them to stock photo sites like BigStock, CanStock, iStock and others. You earn money every time someone downloads your photo. You can also create a store front for your photos for other people and publications to find you. SmugMug is a great place to do this. Do a Google search there are a ton of places to sell your photos plus even some you can sell photos from your iPhone or other camera phones.

Travel and work on a cruise ship or private yacht

This work is perfect if you are single. Work, travel and live on a cruise ship. You travel where ever they go and you get paid to do so, they supply your meals and living quarters while on board. You can also get hired to work on a private yacht. You live on the Yacht and while you are not working you can explore the areas you are docked. The sights you will see are amazing. Be prepared for either of these the hours are long and the people you deal with can be a real pain, but it is the customer service industry.

Social media work

If you know how to use the major social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram you can get paid to manage bloggers and companies social media pages. This work can be done from anywhere you have internet and you can get free wifi at most coffee shops.


This is great for those that travel in an RV. You work for the company in exchange for a free campsite and in some cases an hourly wage on top of that. Amazon is famous for this, it’s called their Amazon Camperforce they pay for your campground plus pay you $10.75 an hour. The downside they only hire for September – December. Another popular workamping job is the Sugar Beet Harvest in September the work is only 2 – 4 weeks but the pay is the best in the industry, $17+ an hour or more plus a free camp site.

Do you get paid to travel? How do you do it?

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