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7 Alternatives to Holding a Garage Sale

Get rid of that junk without having a yard full of people. Check out these 7 Alternatives to holding a garage sale! Clean out your stuff and make money too!

Do you have some clutter to get rid of, and of course the need for cash, but don’t want to go through the hassle of holding a garage sale? Let’s face it, garage sales are tons of work and can be quite exhausting. So what is the solution? Take a look below at 7 alternatives to holding a garage sale so you can clear away the clutter, make some cash, and be all around stress-free. Here are 7 ideas to get you started.

7 Alternatives to Holding a Garage Sale

1. Sell to a children’s consignment shop.

Take gently used kid’s clothes and toys to a local kid’s based consignment shop such as Once Upon a Child. They will pay you cash on the spot for these gently used items. Call your local store ahead of time to find out selling specifics so you can be prepared when you arrive. They can also let you know what items they are looking for at the moment so if you have it; you can bring it in.

2. Sell to a women’s second-hand boutique.

Find a women’s boutique in your area that pays cash for gently worn women’s clothing, purses, hats, coats, shoes, and accessories. The better the brand, the more money you can get for these items. As mentioned above, call your local shop ahead of time to find out selling specifics so you can be prepared when you arrive. Many shops have specific times or protocol they use when buying items, so knowing ahead of time can be helpful.

3. Sell your books on Amazon.

Are you drowning in books? Amazon allows the average person to sell gently used books, textbooks, novels, and other books via their site quite quickly. You can look on Amazon to see what the trade in value of your books is as well. If you have a lot of books to liquidate, selling them on Amazon may be right for you.

4. Sell crafting supplies/crafts on Etsy.

Etsy is the perfect marketplace for handmade and homemade goods. You can sell these items for a small listing fee to interested buyers all over the world. If you have an abundance of craft supplies such as fabric, beads, etc. you can also sell these items on Etsy for cash.

5. Sell knick-knacks and collectibles on eBay.

I f you have collectible items such as antiques, trading cards, old dishes, dolls, and other collectibles, you should consider selling them on eBay. For a small listing fee, you can sell your item to interested buyers all over the world. This is a great way to get top dollar for these items.

6. Find local Facebook selling groups.

Most cities now have selling groups on Facebook, where neighbors can swap and sell items they no longer need. Check and see if there is a local sale group that you can join, then just snap a picture of the item with your phone and post it. The new Facebook selling layout makes it super easy to post items for sale at no cost to you.

7. Don’t forget to donate.

If you donate your items to a local homeless shelter or not for profit, it is a tax write off. We can all use a little help at tax time, so if you really don’t want to fuss with your stuff donate it and get a receipt. You will be glad you did when it comes time to figure out your deductions!

Are you ready to start cleaning out closets and start making some cash? Give these 7 alternatives to holding a garage sale a try and see the other choices you have!

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