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7 Cheap Easter Basket Ideas

Check out these 7 Cheap Easter Basket Ideas for the kids in your life. There is something for everyone and on a budget.

7 Cheap Easter Basket Ideas

Pretty soon it will be time to tuck the kids in bed and fill up those Easter baskets. You might be wondering how you can still give your kids a nice Easter without spending a lot of dough. The truth is, it is quite simple! You can still stuff that basket full without going broke, it just takes a little creativity and planning. Take a peek below for 7 cheap Easter basket ideas you can try this year.

1. The movie theme basket.
Visit your local dollar store or retail store for their $3 and under DVD selection. Add some boxes of dollar store candy and popcorn you have created the perfect movie lover’s Easter basket.

2. Pretty princess basket.
Head to the dollar store for some fun dress up jewelry and tiaras. Place them in the basket with some trial sized beauty products (possibly bought for free with coupons) and inexpensive make up brushes. Perfect!

3. The Animal lover’s basket.
Do you have a little zoologist on your hands? Fill their basket with animal crackers and cookies, gummy animals, and a few stuffed animals or animal figurines from the dollar store. They are sure to love it.

4. The sport’s lovers basket.
If you have an athlete on your hands, head to the dollar store for an assortment of athletic trading cards, sports gear, and any books you can find. You can even put in a sports related DVD if you can find one.

5. The artist’s basket.
Fill an Easter basket with an assortment of art supplies for your little artist. Add paint, brushes, play dough, coloring books, stamps, and other art supplies that are sure to keep them busy during the rainy days of spring.

6. The Little baker.
Put some simple dollar store baking mixes, utensils, sprinkles, icing, aprons, and other baking supplies in an Easter basket for some sure fun. Your little baker will love having their own supplies to work with.

7. The Bookworm.
If you have a child who loves to read, place some inexpensive books, materials to make their own bookmarks, a journal, fancy pen, and other literacy related items in an Easter basket. You can also include snacks for them to enjoy while they read. They will be sure to enjoy this special collection.

Creating Easter baskets on a budget is a cinch! Give these 7 Cheap Easter basket ideas a try and create a basket that is meaningful and budget friendly!

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