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How to Create a Worm Farm with Kids

This project is so much fun for homeschoolers, or just to get the kids involved in the garden! Learn How to create a worm farm with kids!

This is so much fun for homeschoolers or just to get the kids involved in the garden! Learn How to create a worm farm with kids!

Kids love all things creepy and crawly, which is why they are the perfect people to help you create a worm farm. A worm farm is ideal for anyone who wants nutrient-rich soil but may not have room for a compost bin. Building your worm farm is easy; you just need a few supplies and some little helping hands. Take a look below at how to create a worm farm with kids to get started!

Pick the perfect container

Plastic bins with lids make the perfect container. You want something roomy as well as airtight. A cover will help keep the bucket dark which worms love. Once you find the perfect container, give kids some markers and let them personalize it with their drawings. Kids will love customizing their worm bin.

Make some worm beds

Explain to kids how worms love a cozy bed just like they do. Shred up newspaper to place in the bucket. Black and white newspaper works best. You can then spray the bedding with a spray bottle to dampen it because the worm bed needs moist paper. As you can see, these are simple jobs for kids. Once the bedding is made, add some gardening soil and give it all a good mix.

Find your worms

Finding worms is the part that kids love. You can now go searching for worms to add to your bucket. You want to use red wigglers worms. If you can only find earthworms they will work, they just won’t be as effective at creating worm compost. Search damp and dark spots in the yard for your worms, or if you have to snag some at a local bait shop. You can even find Red Worms on Amazon!

This is also an excellent time to talk to kids about how to handle the worms. Talk about how important it is to be gentle and respectful of them. You don’t want to injure the worms or cause any stress or damage to them.

Feed the worms

Have kids save their peels from fruits and vegetables and kitchen scraps to feed the worms. Other food scraps like egg shells, tea bags, and even coffee grounds. This is a fun way for them to care for the worms while also finding a use for the scraps. Let kids add scraps to the worm farm daily, as a single worm can easily eat half its weight in a few days.

Circulate the farm

Give kids a garden trowel to turn the bedding over and around once per week. This will help add some air and oxygen to the farm which the worms will need. In time, the worms will turn the scraps and paper into rich soil full of organic matter perfect for your plants.

The worms with turn your organic waste into black gold for your garden. Occasionally check your worm garden to make sure it contains enough water and airflow for the mixture to decompose properly. You can also expand your garden by adding a second bin. Once you start using this fabulous fertilizer in your garden you will want to continue turning vegetable scraps into vermicompost!

Give these tips for creating a worm garden with kids a try and see how easy it is to make one for yourself.

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