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FREE Printable LEGO Challenge Cards

Kids getting bored? Download and Print these FREE Printable LEGO Challenge Cards and get their minds working. A fun educational activity that is also a blast for birthday parties and more!

My kids are all about all things LEGO. We have spent the last couple days trying to organize them a little so it is easier to find what we need when we go to build with them. My kids are pretty good at coming up with building ideas, but on those days when creativity seems to be alluding us, I just print some of these LEGO CHALLENGE CARDS.

Each one has an idea for something to build. Pull one challenge card and let kids compete to see who can fulfill it best, or give each child their own challenge. This is a fun party game too! It becomes even more of a challenge if you limit the kids to only certain bricks! It is actually a TON of fun!

This is a great educational challenge for in a classroom or even for homeschoolers looking to have a little fun in their day! I hope you enjoy these Lego Challenge Cards as much as we have!

Lego Card Download

Download now to print 3 pages of lego challenge cards to keep you kids busy and being creative. These cards are great to have on hand any time a case of “I’m bored” happens.

Come back and share how much fun you had with these in the comments. 🙂

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