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Ultimate Hack: The Best Way to Clean a Grill

When you pull out your grill this summer don’t stress over cleaning it! Save your time and elbow grease. Find out the Best Way to Clean A GrillSave your time and elbow grease. Find out the Best Way to Clean A Grill

Summer means time to fire up the Grill and cook outside. But who really likes to scrub all that gunk off of the grill? Isn’t there an easier way? Who knows How to Clean a grill properly? Sure it makes the best hamburgers around, but getting that grilled on stuff off the grates isn’t fun.  Here is the Best Way to Clean a Grill we have found. My husband swears by it!

Best Way to Clean a Grill

  • After the food is off the grill, Place a piece of heavy-duty aluminum foil across the grill. Close the lid, and turn the heat on high.
  • Let that heat roll for about 15 minutes. (Works on Charcoal or Propane)
  • Using a grill brush, scrape off the remaining food bits, which have been loosened by the heat.

It’s just that easy! You never have to be a slave to scrubbing your grill again!

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My husband cleans the grill this way every time and it stays super clean. The added heat really kills germs and melts off any of the grime. It makes sense if you think about it. When you turn on a self-cleaning oven it just cranks up to a very high heat to incinerate all of the gunk.  I hope this makes cleaning your grill this Summer quick and easy. Spend that saved time making memories.

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