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DIY Cork Key Chains

A perfect homemade Christmas gift for a wine lover! Check out this simple DIY Cork Key Chains Craft! Fun weekend project!

A perfect homemade christmas gift for a wine lover! Check out this simple DIY Wine Cork Key Chains Craft!

I love making homemade Christmas gifts! There is just something special about taking the time to make a gift for another that they will use and cherish. It lets them know that you are willing to not only give them a gift but give up your time for them! That is why I love these DIY Wine Cork Key Chains! Not only are they cute, but they are also functional too!

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Cork Key Chains

Beginner Skill Level Required
Time to complete: 3-5 minutes each keychain

You will need

Optional Materials:


Corks with key ring
  1. Twist a screw eye into one end of a cork. Attach a split ring to the loop of the screw eye to create the keychain.
    Bead on pin
  2. Cut an eyepin in half using wire cutters or sharp scissors. Use the side that still contains a loop, and slide on a bead. Push the beaded eyepin into the other end of the cork.
    wine cork with bead
  3. Add charm by twisting open the attached jump ring, placing it through the loop in the eye pin and twisting closed.


  • The screw eyes can be easily found at any hardware store for $1-2. All other materials are available at local craft stores.
  • These make great gifts for wine lovers! You could pull a ribbon through the keychain end and tie it around the giftee’s favorite bottle of wine. Perfect hostess gift for holiday parties!
  • This is also a fantastic bridesmaid gift. Use beads that coordinate to the wedding colors and attach a letter charm to the end for each bridesmaid’s first initial.
wine cork key chain

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  1. hi, i have been saving corks for years and they’re still in our cookie jar. this is such a cute idea, i am bookmarking for X-mas!

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