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Early Elementary Summer Reading List

An Early Elementary Summer Reading List with Easy Readers & Chapter Books.  Whether it is for homeschool, or just to keep their brain going before school starts this is a list everyone should check out!

I love to see kids play outdoors long and hard, especially in the carefree days of Summer. There is also something immensely satisfying about seeing them curled up in a chair, the hammock, or on a picnic blanket with a good book.

Just because school’s out for summer doesn’t mean their brain needs a total break- just make it fun. Let them read for the pure pleasure of it, even if it is comics or silly characters their minds will still be active. Reading opens up doors that we may never otherwise get to go through in real life- through wardrobes, into wonderlands, down into hobbit holes. Make sure while they exercise their bodies this Summer, their minds get some attention too!

If you have eager readers you shouldnt have no difficulty in getting them involved in a book, others may require some…persuading. We shoot for 15 minutes a day even on weekends. My older 2 usually far surpass that. They love to read.

Here are our top 12 favorites for early elementary summer reading:

Early Readers:

Fly Guy– We love this series! Fun, light, not so challenging that it frustrates an early reader.

Flat Stanley A series that begins with a little boy who is flattened by a bulletin board ( but in perfect heath) and each book takes him on different adventures.

Nate the Great– This one hovers between Easy and Chapter books, while there are a few words that they need help with, they are considerably shorter than most chapter books. It also includes some problem solving and logical thinking for critical thinking skills.

Superfudge What is more fun than being a mischievious kid? Reading about one! (Warning- Santa Claus spoiler in this one!)

Where the Sidewalks Ends– If you are looking for short bursts of reading for the reluctant reader try poetry! A childhood favorite is Shel Silverstein. Filled with poems of different lengths and difficulties and may have your child in a reading frenzy.

Chapter Books:

Chapter books are great for silent reading or for read alouds-bedtime or piled onto the hammock on a sunny afternoon.

Charlotte’s WebThis classic is still enjoyed by children as they read about the farmyard adventure’s of  Wibur, Charlotte, Templeton and all their friends.

Because of Winn Dixie– A fun read that follows the adventures of Opal and her newly adopted pet Winn-Dixie.

Beezus and RamonaMost of us can relate to having a pest for a sister (or being the pest) so this one appeals to children on many levels.

Indian in The Cupboard– This may have typically been a book for boys but as an avid reader I devored the original as child and now there is an entire series to enjoy.

Judy Moody– Another series book that is light and fun- the website is pretty fun too! My oldest daughter loved this entire series when she was an early reader!

On The Banks of Plum Creek– One of my favorite’s from the Little House series this one has definate summery feel to it.

The BorrowersIf you were a reader as a child your will surely remember the tiny borrowers who lived under the kitchen floor? A fun story of adventure perfect for passing summer days.

What was is your favorite Early Reader?

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