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How to Save Money on Fireworks

How to Save Money On Fireworks

The Fourth of July is such an exciting time of year, especially if you have little kids. They love to see the bright explosions of color, and ooh and ahh.  One of the downfalls of Fireworks can be the cost. Learn how you can pinch your pennies and still have fun with A Few Short Cuts.

How to Save Money On Fireworks

Community Displays – One of the best way to save on fireworks but still enjoy the fanfare is to visit a community fireworks display. These will usually be much larger with better quality fireworks to view. In many cases, they are free to the public and if there is a charge, it’s usually minimal compared to what you would end up paying had you purchased a home display.

Know What you Want – Just as with any purchase, make a list. Know what you want when you go shopping so you avoid any last minute splurges.

Last Minute Shopping Stores don’t want to be stuck with unsold stock, so they will tend to discount fireworks as the 4th of July gets closer.  The variety may not be what you would like, and some of the more “popular” fireworks may be gone.  It may be a good idea for you to buy your must haves early, and then get your filler fireworks right before the big day.

Share the Display- Invite your friends or other families over for the big day and split the cost of the fireworks. That way everyone can still enjoy them at a fraction of the price.

Coupons – Yes there are even coupons for Fireworks. Check online at common fireworks dealers, such as TNT. They offer coupons that you can print and take with you to save on your purchase.

Price Check – Shop around. Compare prices at local stands, stores, and retailers. Remember that prices can vary greatly and that you can save a ton just by doing a little research. Fireworks stands are set up as temporary retail outlets, this means they have lower overhead costs which can allow them to sell some fireworks for less. They also typically offer bulk discounts.

Avoid Illegal Fireworks – While it may be tempting to snag some illegal fireworks out of state, or at other low cost stands, don’t be fooled. You can be stuck with a heavy fine if caught setting off an illegal display.

Any way you choose to celebrate, remember to be safe! Have a Happy Fourth!

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