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Essential Oil Blends Recipes for Rollerball & Tips

Take your favorite essential oils on the go with these Essential Oil Blends Recipes for Rollerball bottles and tips. Great for everyday use!

Essential Oil Blend Recipes

It is no secret I love essential oils. I love putting some in my diffuser to make my house smell pretty instead of using chemical air fresheners. They not only have a pleasant aroma, but they have added benefits on your mood and health too! They are a great natural way to create a sense of calm, or happiness and just set an overall better mood in your home. You can take that some mood on the go by checking out these essential oil blends recipes for rollerball & tips for how to create your own!

Essential Oil Rollerball

What is a rollerball?

A rollerball is a little glass bottle with a rolling ball on the end. Think of perfume. It allows you to apply a small amount of essential oils on your pressure point just like a perfume so you can have the benefits of them when you are on the go. When it comes to essential oils they do best when they are out of direct light. So all essential oil roller balls are typically amber or dark colored glass. The easiest place to find and purchase rollerballs for essential oils is on Amazon.

Plant therapy essential oils

Can I use ANY essential oils?

You want to make sure you are using 100% Certified essential oils. There are a couple of MLM companies that sell them and they do have high-quality products, but I have found they come with high prices. PlantTherapy is another retailer that sells high-quality oils but without the MLM and at a much better price. When I need oils that is where I turn. I highly recommend them. You can find them on their own website, and they even sell their products on Amazon.

Do Essential Oils Work?

There are a ton of scientific studies out there that say yes. From my own personal experience, I believe they do. Consistency is one huge key to using essential oils. Don’t expect immediate results. However, it is possible for an oil to work almost instantly. Do a little research into the benefits of specific oils.

I love peppermint essential oil and go into a little more detail about its uses here. Another one I use a lot around the house is Lemon essential oil (read more here). The key is once you start using essential oils and seeing the benefits you will be intrigued to learn more about the properties of the different oils to see how they can help in your life.

5 Essential Oil Blends Recipes

essential oils & bottles

Here are the top 5 recipes for making roller blends that help with general mood and stress. These recipes are for a 10 ml. size rollerball bottle and you will need a carrier oil in addition to the essential oils for dilution.

General Uplifting Blend

Focus & Calming Blend

Mind chatter relief and calming blend

Happy Mood blend

Afternoon Focus and Calm blend

Carrier Oil Suggestions

You can use whatever is your favorite, but if you go with fractionated coconut oil, you will get the benefit of the oil without any added scent. I use it the most for this reason. Jojoba, sweet almond or olive oil are other popular ones.

Tips for assembling your rollerball blend

  • Add in your essential oil drops first, carefully. Many of these oils are thin and runny so it is easy to get too many drops if you’re not cautious. Once they are all in, then add the carrier oil up to the top just before where the lid screws on and the bottle get skinnier. If you go past this, then when you add in the roller ball, it can spill out and over the sides.
  • To add the roller ball top, it is sometimes hard on the hand to push it down in. I use a kitchen cloth and push down with that instead of my bare palm. It should click down flat against the top of the bottle. If there is a gap, it can leak, so be sure it’s all the way down.

Where to apply rollerball blend

To use these rollers, apply oils over the heart if anxious. Other options are to the wrist, back of the neck, and bottom of the feet. You can do one or all of those areas, just depends on your preference. My favorite way is to do the wrist and then inhale the oils from there and reapply as needed.

More Essential Oil Shortcuts

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