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Garden Snail Cupcakes

Planning a garden party or just want a fun way to celebrate spring and summer with the kids. Check out these adorable Garden Snail Cupcakes!

Garden Snail Cupcakes

Spring is a fun time of year to celebrate flowers, gardens, and fairies. These Garden snail Cupcakes are an adorable and delicious way to do just that. Even if you aren’t having a party that doesn’t mean you can’t make some memories and whip up a fun batch of cupcakes with the kids.


What Kind of Cupcake?

This is a personal preference. You can use any flavor of cupcake you want for these Garden Snail Cupcakes, but I have found that these are super cute with a delicious chocolate cupcake.  The chocolate looks like earth.  Try this homemade chocolate cake mix. It is delicious and can be made gluten free too!

The Best Buttercream Frosting

Y0u can choose any frosting you would like for these cupcakes. The easiest and my personal favorite is the BEST Buttercream Frosting recipe. It is so creamy and tasty. Plus it is so easy to make, my kids have learned how to make it. You can make it ahead and keep it in the fridge until you are ready to decorate your cupcakes.

Candy Melts Tips

blue coated oreos

The body of the snail is just a chocolate sandwich cookie coated in candy melts. You could use the traditional oreo or a gluten-free version. You can’t go wrong with candy-coated cookies!

Just melt your candies according to the package. It makes them melt much smoother if you mix in about 1 tbsp of coconut oil. If you do and still find it to thick you can add a little more. The will make for a smooth coating that turns out perfect every time.

Remember to allow the excess to drip off and let them cool to set.

Blue coated cookie with red swirl

Once the one coat has set you can place the second color of your choosing (melted) in a piping bag and do the fun swirl design. Again, the coconut oil will be your friend for a smooth melt. You can also use the second color as a type of “glue” to hold on the gummy worm for the snail head.

Candy snail

Allowing your snails to set well before placing them on the cupcake is key. You can even pop them in the fridge to speed it up if you are in a hurry.

Garden Cupcake Decorating Tips

Green frosted cupcake

Make sure your frosting is room temperature. This temperature makes it easier to pipe onto your cupcakes. Also, make sure your cupcakes are cooled or you will have a mess on your hands.

To get a cute finish on the cupcakes you can use any icing tip, but this grass tip (no used in photos) will give a fun grass finish to the icing. You can see what to expect on these Monster Cupcakes. It is the tip I used to ice them.

I had small helpers helping me make these cupcakes. If you ask me, that is how you get the best cupcakes. Having the kids really dig in and help create memories in the kitchen makes the best cupcakes!

Where to buy the Best Cupcake Supplies

Snail cupcake

A couple of supplies will turn your cupcakes from just delicious to magical! One of my favorite places to shop for cupcake supplies is Sweets & Treats. They have the best cupcake liners and sprinkles! HANDS DOWN!

For these cupcakes, I recommend Flower Sprinkles or this Spring sorbet sprinkle mix.

Finally, when it comes time to color your frosting you want to use Wilton Coloring Gels. They add a rich color without watering down your frosting. You will get the best results and it only takes a small amount.

Garden Snail Cupcakes

Planning a garden party or just want a fun way to celebrate spring and summer with the kids. Check out these adorable Garden Snail Cupcakes!
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Prep Time:30 minutes
Total Time:30 minutes



  • Line a baking sheet with waxed paper.
  • Melt blue candy coating according to package directions. If the candy is too thick to pour, add 1 teaspoon coconut oil or vegetable shortening. Stir well. Do not add water. You can add up to 1 tablespoon of coconut oil per bag of candy wafers.
  • Dip each cookie into melted candy. Remove cookie, tapping gently against the side of the bowl, allowing excess candy to return to the bowl. If air bubbles form, pop them with a toothpick. Place the cookie onto the waxed paper. Allow to set completely before proceeding to the next step. To speed the process, cookies can be refrigerated or placed in the freezer in a single layer.
  • Melt red candy coating according to package directions. Transfer melted candy to a piping bag or zip top freezer bag with the corner snipped. Create a swirl on top of the cookies from the middle to the edge.
  • Run a thin line of melted candy against the edge of a gummy worm and press it against the cookie until it sets. To speed the setting, you can refrigerate the cookies prior to attaching the gummy worms. However, do not refrigerate the gummy worms as the candy will set too quickly to adhere to the cookie. Allow cookie to set completely at room temperature or refrigerate for faster results.
  • Pipe frosting over cupcake in a circular direction working from the outer edge of the cupcake towards the center.
  • Place one cookie “snail” on top of each cupcake. If the icing is too thin to hold the snail, use a toothpick to secure the cookie. After you refrigerate the cupcakes and the frosting hardens, you can remove the toothpick.
  • Drop flower sprinkles over the icing.
  • For best results, refrigerate the cupcakes until ready to serve.
Servings: 12 Cupcakes
Author: Amanda Carlisle

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