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Free Printable Coloring Page Bookmarks

Don’t loose your place! Get these Free Printable Coloring Page Bookmarks for an activity plus a useful bookmark when you are done.

Encouraging reading is something I have always done in my house. If you can read, you can teach yourself just about anything. My kids always have a book, and they are always looking for a bookmark. These Printable Coloring Page Bookmarks are great because they are 2 in 1. A little art, and a helpful bookmark.


When it comes to bookmarks I have a few tips.

  • Print them on card stock. It makes them more sturdy.
  • You can use any colored pencils or crayons, but we love these Prismacolor Colored Pencils.
  • If you print a lot look into a laser printer. It will save you a ton on ink.
  • After you have colored your bookmark consider laminating it. You can even add a tassel to the top with ribbon if you want.

Affordable Book Resources

The library should be your number one source for books. Sometimes it isn’t possible to hit up the library or they don’t have what you need. Here are a few of the places I always check for affordable books.

  • (Yes, it is still a thing)
  • Amazon (when you look for a book see if they have a used copy instead of new)
  • Abe Books

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