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How to Get Rid of Fleas Naturally

No chemicals! Learn how to get rid of Fleas NATURALLY with things you may already have around your house. Safe for all ages. No chemicals! Learn how to get rid of Fleas NATURALLY with things you may already have around your house. Safe for all ages.

I am not a big fan of bugs. I especially hate them in my house. Even worse on my pets or family. That brings me to FLEAS! Nasty little blood sucking, germ carrying, itching, hide in my carpet, and on my pets pests! Some locations don’t have to worry about them as much as others. Here in Florida they seem to be a year round problem.

There are once a month treatments for pets that you can purchase, and there are sprays for your house. What if you don’t want to use chemicals? I am going to tell you How to Get Rid of Fleas NATURALLY!

What to use?

There is this stuff that I recently learned about and I have been using it for just about everything.  It is called Diatomaceous Earth. When you have time, google the uses. It will seriously amaze you!

What is it?

Diatomaceous Earth is a naturally occurring, soft, siliceous sedimentary rock that is easily crumbled into a fine white to off-white powder. Basically it’s a type of fossilized rock that is full of minerals and things that are good for us.

There are MANY MANY uses for Diatomaceous Earth. But one of the most fascinating is it can be used as an insecticide. It can kill bed bugs, cockroaches, fleas, ants, and more. The particles are so small that they get into the bugs exoskeleton and causes them to dehydrate. Killing them within hours of it touching them.

How to Use it.

You want to make sure you are using a Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth. There are several kinds of Diatomaceous Earth, using the food grade is important!!

You can sprinkle the Diatomaceous Earth right on your carpet. Allow it to sit for as long as you can stand it, but atleast a couple hours and then vacuum. You will want to repeat this every 4-6 days because of the flea life cycle. As new eggs hatch you will want to kill those fleas. As long as you are continuing this process regularly you should be rid of the fleas in no time.

You can also sprinkle the Diatomaceous Earth directly on your pet and their bedding. Continue as needed. This may cause their skin to dry out, so only do this as necessary.


Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth can be added to your pets food too. 1 tsp of diatomaceous earth added to their food acts as a dewormer and kills parasites. You want to add it daily for the first week. Then once a week after that.

Do you have any natural tips for getting rid of fleas? Feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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