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How to Have the Best Family Beach Vacation

How to Have the Best Family Beach Vacation

Everyone loves traveling to the beach during the Summer, but meltdowns happen quick in the Summer heat. Living close to the beach and taking 3 kids a couple times a week, I have tips! We have learned a thing or two about Family Beach trips. Here are some short cuts to help you have the best family beach vacation….ever!

Go Early

Hit the beach after breakfast. Getting there early means you get to have fun before the heat of the day.  Others won’t be out yet, so it’s less crowded, plus you will also have awhile before everyone starts to get hungry.

Stay Close

Get a place to stay close to the beach. If the kids need a nap, you need a break, or the weather changes fast it is great to have a place to go without traveling far. You will also appreciate it at the end of a long beach day.  No one wants to travel far after a day of fun in the sun.


This is a must have. Lather up and Lather often. Sunburns sneak up on you and can ruin a beach vacation faster than anything. Cover everyone in sunscreen before you head out and then reapply every hour if you are in and out of the surf. You will be glad you did.


I try to keep the amount of “stuff” to a minimum, but you want to make sure you have a towel for everyone. Plus something to sit on. We use our towels to dry off, and we also put them down on the seats in the car before we get in. Helps keep sandy messes to a minimum.

Water & Snacks

As a parent you know nothing causes meltdowns faster than hunger. Take bottles of water and snacks to hold off the “hangry” moments. A totebag with a few items is plenty. We hate to over pack.


Choose your beach location wisely. It is better to pay $5 to visit a beach at a state park, than go to a free beach. Pay beaches usually have restrooms, showers, easy parking, and are less crowded.  All amenities that make things much easier when beaching with a family.


This may seem like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised how many people I see that are still “connected” on the beach while trying to have a family day. Put away the cell phones, tablets, and computers. DISCONNECT to focus on family, and the beauty of nature. You will be glad you did.

Keep it Simple

Keeping it simple is key. We have packed everything but the kitchen sink before and hate to lug it back and forth to the car. Trying to remember everything, keep track of the kids toys, and more. That can kill a fun day at the beach in minutes. Instead keep it simple: Sunscreen, water, towels, and snacks. Throw in a bucket and shovel if necessary.  By keeping it simple you can enjoy your family and the beauty of the beach around you.

Don’t Stress

The biggest tip to having the Best Family Beach Vacation… Don’t stress. Kids will be kids. Things will happen. The weather may not co-operate. Someone might have a melt down.  Sunburns happen. In the end you are making memories with your kids that they will never forget. They know you love them and that is what matters most.


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