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How to Treat a Burn with Baking Soda

I am not a medical professional, just a clumsy mom.  Please seek medical treatment for serious burns

I am clumsy.  Just ask my husband, who has about decided I am not allowed in the kitchen without supervison. LOL Last night I burnt my hand pretty bad with hot grease.  Don’t ask for the details. Not one of my brightest moments.

I first ran my hand under cold water to stop the burning. I then poured white vinegar over my hand.  That actually returns the skin to its natural PH and helps relieve stinging. It is also an antibacterial.  That really seemed to help for a while. The longer I sat here though the more it started to bother me.  After some googling (with my left hand) I discovered that you can make a paste out of baking soda and water and spread it over a burn. **NOTE** rinse the vinegar off first…again, learned that the hard way. ~giggle~

So, I made the paste and sat here looking slightly Frankensteinish for about 45 minutes.  It took the pain away almost immediately.  After it started to dry and crumble I rinsed it off. I then went to bed with a cool pack wrapped in a towel on my hand.  Mostly because the warmth of the heater was bothering it.

I woke up this morning and my hand does not hurt one bit! It is still tender if I hit it on something but I have full use of my hand without pain! I have had burns in the past, and this is one of my worst. Also, the fastest I have had the pain disappear. If you get a minor kitchen burn, this is a great way to take the sting away and feel better faster.

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  1. Thank you for posting this. I’m also very clumsy, especially in the kitchen. Like you, I was burned by hot grease an hour ago. Maybe we are long lost twins? Lol. I Googled Baking Soda for Burns and this came up. I immediately followed your steps. Instant burn relief! Still hurts a little, but I’m hopeful that, like you, tomorrow I will not hurt at all.

  2. Would you believe that just this morning I watched a documentary about Bonnie and Clyde. Seems like Clyde overturned the car, it burst into flames and Bonnie was badly burned on her leg. A neighbor made a paste of baking soda and grease. I dunno about the grease, but the baking soda sounds plausible.

    Also for a minor burn (like bumping your arm against the hot oven racks), coating the burn with Worcestershire sauce works really well, too. No scar.

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