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Introducing Alfie: Our Resident Elf on The Shelf


While I am over here slaving away on holiday deals, we have a little mischief in the office.  I would like to introduce Alfie.  He is our Resident Elf on the Shelf here at  As you can see he has been getting a feel for what goes on behind the scenes and I am sure, will be stirring up trouble of one kind or another.

I will be taking pictures of Alfie and his adventures and sharing them with you through the season.  Just watch out….he may give your elf an idea or two.

If you have been wanting to get an Elf on the Shelf of your own, you can snag one on

Let the fun begin…..

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  1. Love Elf on the shelf did this last year for the 1st time with the grand babies & loved every moment of it so many priceless memories!!!

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