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7 Awesome Hacks For Caring for Roses

Love Roses, but don’t feel like your thumb is green enough? Check out these 7 Awesome Hacks for Caring for Roses, so you end up with a beautiful garden!Love Roses, but don't feel like your thumb is green enough? Check out these 7 Awesome Hacks for Caring for Roses so you end up with a beautiful garden!

Do you love growing roses but don’t experience much success? Growing roses can be tricky, but the truth is there are some tried and true tips that can make the difference between a mediocre and a successful rose crop! Take a look below at seven caring for roses hacks that you can try so you too can enjoy an abundance of beautiful roses. These 7 caring for roses hacks are easy enough for anyone to try, and in no time you too can have gorgeous roses that even the neighbors will be envious of. Here is how to get started.

1. Mulch.

Protect them with mulch. Place a two-inch layer of mulch around the base of the rose plant. Not only will it help keep moisture in, but it will keep any diseases in the soil from splashing up on the foliage when you water. The mulch acts as a protective barrier that your roses will surely appreciate.

2. Plant Food

Roses are gorgeous, but they aren’t capable of feeding themselves. If they need nutrients, they need for you to provide it. Use a slow releasing plant food so they can enjoy a steady stream of food as oppose to large doses here and there. You can water the same way, giving about an inch of water per week for it to drink instead of allowing it to dry out then bombarding with water.

3. Egg shells

Egg shells are chock full of the nutrients that rose bushes need to grow. Don’t toss your egg shells, instead, crush them into smaller bits and turn them into the soil that your roses are planted in. They will break down and feed the roses quite nicely.

4. Bucket

Keep a bucket on hand. Should the forecast call for massive storm or high winds, keep a bucket on hand to place over your roses. This will help protect them and their delicate blooms from heavy rainfall or damaging winds that could easily blow them over or cause breakage.

5. Deadhead

Don’t let your roses waste energy on a dying bloom. Once a bloom is about dead, snip it off with shears. This way the plant can send nutrients to other areas and not waste them on a bloom that can’t be brought back to life.

6. Support

Use tomato cages to help support young rose bushes. They can help the plant from being trampled by backyard kids and animals, and can also help support stems that are heavy with blooms. A simple tomato cage set over the plant should do the trick.

7. Simple Pruning

Pruning can seem overwhelming, but in all honesty, you just need to keep these two tips in mind: prune dead branches and prune weak branches. That’s it! Don’t get overwhelmed by pruning, instead just remove the ones that can’t be saved or the ones that seem to be struggling to get nutrients. It will make a world of difference to your roses, and you won’t be overwhelmed.

Give these 7 caring for roses hacks a try and hack your way to more beautiful roses this growing season.

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