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Lorax Paper Bag Puppet Craft with Printable Template

Celebrate Dr. Seuss’ Birthday or Earth Day with this adorable kids craft! Make your own Lorax Paper Bag Puppet with this free printable template!

Lorax Paper Bag puppet

Dr Seuss is an icon of children’s books. There are so many of his books that I loved to read to my kids and one of his most iconic for Earth Day or Dr Seuss’s Birthday is the Lorax. If your child loves the Lorax, or if you are looking for a fun craft project for preschoolers or elementary aged kids, this Lorax Paper Bag Puppet Craft is so much fun! There is even a free printable template so you can make your Lorax even easier!

How to Make a Lorax Puppet

Lorax paper bag puppet supplies

You will Need

How to Assemble

Lorax puppet
  1. Print the Lorax Template file (BELOW) in color and cut out. You can also choose to print this on cardstock and use it as a stencil for construction paper.
  2. Once the pieces are cut out allow your child to use a glue stick or other school glue to assemble the pieces onto the paper bag.
    Lorax kids craft
  3. Have fun with your Lorax puppet.

Educational Activity Ideas

Lorax Paper Bag Puppet
  • Grab a copy of the Lorax and read it to your child or class.
  • Let them create their own Lorax Puppet.
  • Enjoy a healthy Lorax Snack.
  • Let y0ur child plant some seeds to start their own little garden and make the world a greener place.

Lorax Template Download

Free Download

Click the button below to download the Lorax template Printable

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