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8 Reasons Not to Take Your Smartphone on Vacation

Before you pack for your next trip, you need to read these 8 Reasons Not to Take your Smartphone on vacation and what to do instead.

Before you pack for your next trip, you need to read these 8 Reasons Not to Take your Smartphone on vacation and what to do instead.

We just got back from a beautiful 2-day family vacation. While two days doesn’t seem very long, my feet would love to argue otherwise. About the time we were on our second lap around The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, one thing became immensely clear to me. You should not take your smartphone on vacation…ever...for so many reasons!

Theme Parks are crowded, I get it. However, there is crowded, and there is oblivious! Yes, I said it. When did people become so oblivious to others?!  I stopped and looked around and saw nothing but people staring at smartphones for as far as the eye could see. I wish I were joking! There were people stopping in the middle of pathways, running into others, and just ignoring the world around them while in the middle of a flipping theme park! The number of things wrong with this is so numerous I don’t even know where to begin.

Reasons Not to Take Your Smartphone on Vacation

You Are On Vacation

The number one reason not to take your smartphone on vacation is the fact that you are on vacation. If it is work related it can wait. If it isn’t work-related, it can wait. The only thing your phone should be used for is an actual emergency phone call, and I can almost guarantee the place you are going has a phone. If for some odd chance they don’t, get a cheap pre-paid phone and only give the number out as an emergency contact.


This may sound crazy, but in this world of smartphones, people forget how to interact with one another. When you put your phone down, you will find it is much easier to socialize. Not just with strangers, but with your own family. They will have all of your attention and time, and they will thank you for it. Hey, don’t limit this one to vacations…try it during dinner. CRAZY, I know, but it works.

PS: Socialize is not to be confused with social media. While it is fantastic, everyone does not need to see the pictures of you swimming the second it happens. Why not post about it when you get home and enjoy the moment while you are in it.

Before you pack for your next trip, you need to read these 8 Reasons Not to Take your Smartphone on vacation and what to do instead.

Alternate Tools

Everything your smartphone does…something else can handle. I am not lying.

Need to figure out a tip? Grab a scratch piece of paper or calculator.

Need the weather? Ask in the lobby, watch the new, or read a newspaper.

Need directions? Get an actual map or ask another human being.

Want to take pictures? Grab a camera.

Y’all when did we become so dependent on these stupid devices?

Others will Thank You

When you aren’t the ding dong running into people, or clogging up traffic because you are busy answering a text when you should be enjoying your vacation, people will thank you. Sincerely, THANK YOU for not looking at that little black rectangle in your hands and looking me in the eye with a smile when you walked past. That smile will be passed on much more than anything you type will be “shared” on the internet.

Make Memories

Photos are great. Videos are fantastic! But, there is something to be said for taking in a moment for just what it is. An excellent memory and that memory won’t fade. It won’t get lost on a hard drive, or stollen with a phone. That memory will be burned into your mind and those that share it with you. The only thing is there won’t be a smartphone in it.

Less to Carry

When you leave your smartphone at home, you have less to carry. When you have kids anything that you don’t have to carry is a blessing!

No Smartphone, No Stress

Chances are you’re are addicted to the convenience of your phone, but that same convenience is stressing you out. By not taking your smartphone on vacation you are leaving your addiction and stress behind. The rest of the world will continue, even if it isn’t accessible at your fingertips. A few days off will be perfect for your health and help you with the next tip.

Mental Reset

Your brain needs to rest. It is constantly bombarded by info, dings, pings, and calls. When you conscientiously shut off your smartphone and spend time having fun something crazy happens. Some mental reset where you are more capable of being creative and getting things done. It is pretty great! You should try it.

Long story short is this. I am 100% positive that I walked past people the last two days that were on vacation, but weren’t indeed “on vacation.” Smartphones have taken over our world and not always in a good way. It is time to wake up and take back your life, one smartphone-less vacation at a time! Get that mental reset and break you deserve and do not take your smartphone on vacation.



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