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10 Coffee Filter Uses That Will Blow Your Mind

Coffee Filters are a necessity for that cup of coffee, but did you know they can do more? Read these 10 Coffee Filter Uses that will blow your mind!

Coffee Filters are a necessity for that cup of coffee, but did you know they can do more? Read these 10 Coffee Filter Uses that will blow your mind! | @AFewShortcuts #coffee #tips #hacks #home #cleaning

One thing that many people have in their kitchen is coffee filters. These affordable little pieces of paper keep us going with our favorite cup of joe in the morning, but I bet you didn’t know all of the other things coffee filters can do to save you money and your sanity! You have to check out these 10 Coffee Filter Uses That Will Blow Your Mind!

10 Coffee Filter Uses

1. Prevent Microwave Splatter

Skip the mess in the microwave! To prevent splatter, cover bowls and plates with coffee filters before popping them into the microwave. Don’t worry–coffee filters are microwave safe.

Forgot the filter? Check out how to clean your microwave with this simple hack. 

2. Protect Dishes

If you are tired or scratched or nicked dishes, You can shield your nice dishes with coffee filters! Just place one between each plate. Coffee filters are strong enough to stand up to the movement of the dishes but soft enough to prevent additional damage.

3. Clean Up

Coffee filters make great cleaning rags for all kinds of cleaning jobs! They’re lint-free, which makes them great for cleaning computer monitors, televisions, and windows. Even the most reflective surfaces will turn out squeaky clean and free of streaks! Who knew?

4. Catch Ice Cream & Popsicle drips

Coffee filters are easy to slide right onto an ice cream or popsicle stick to catch drips before they hit little hands. Hey, they catch them before they hit big hands too! These Peanut Butter Fudgesicles are my favorite! (get the recipe)

5. DIY Air Freshener

Make a DIY Air Freshener by placing a tablespoon or two of baking soda along with a couple of drops of essential oil in the middle of a coffee filter. Tie it up with a little bit of string. You have a little Air Freshener sachet that is perfect for in your gym bag, in shoes, under a seat in your car, anywhere. Great little coffee filter trick! Grapefruit Essential Oil is one of my favorites for this, did you know all of the things that it is good for (read them here)

6. Spoon Rest

It never fails that you are cooking dinner or you just got done stirring your coffee, and you have a dirty spoon. Keep a coffee filter handy and use it as a spoon rest. The best part is you can throw it away when you are done!

7. Snack Bowl

Snack lovers rejoice! No more dirty dishes, or wasting paper plates. Use a coffee filter as a snack bowl for that popcorn, pretzels, goldfish crackers, etc. They are great at holding lightweight snacks, and disposable when you are finished.

8. Absorb Excess Oil

Coffee Filters are great at absorbing excess oil. Drain French fries or bacon on a filter to help pull away excess fat, or cut one into smaller pieces to use as a face blotter in a pinch.

 9. Make a Spice Pouch

Add some flavor to your food without picking out all of the seasonings! Create a spice pouch with a coffee filter!

Use coffee filters to hold a variety of your favorite herbs and spices, tie with cooking string and then attach onto the handles of your pots. Gently lower them into the pan, and remove when finished for natural seasoning.

10. Wrap Christmas Ornaments

Christmas may seem far away right now, but it’ll soon be here, and you’ll be glad to have this tip when it arrives.

To prevent Christmas ornaments from breaking, wrap them in a coffee filter before packing them together. It will provide a light layer of cushioning without adding bulk.

I bet you will look at that package of coffee filters a little differently when you go to brew your coffee in the morning. Hopefully, some of these uses and coffee filter hacks will save you time & money.




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  1. I use coffee filters in the bottom of flower pots. They keep the soil from coming out of the holes in the bottom.

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