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Simple Dessert Quesadilla Recipe

Simple Dessert Quesadilla Recipe

Simple Dessert Quesadilla Recipe

We all have those moments of going to the pantry and scrounging around for the ingredients to make something…anything….just so you don’t have to make that trip to the store.  I have let my pantry and fridge go as long as humanly possible without restocking. I really need to go to the store tomorrow. The kids were still wanting me to feed them dessert.  I seriously need to figure out how they can eat everything in site and not gain an ounce. The mysteries of childhood.

Simple Dessert Quesadillas-1

I started digging….tortillas, chocolate chips, cream cheese….sounds like a winner to me. Dessert Quesadillas it is. These are so simple you won’t believe it! We actually make these with corn tortillas for my son so they are gluten free, and instead of cream cheese I use bananas in my daughters for dairy free. Really you can put anything in these….that is the beauty of them.

Simple Dessert Quesadillas-2

I spread cream cheese sweetened with cinnamon sugar and a handful of chocolate chips on mine. Mmmm…chocolate! There aren’t many dessert enjoyed around here without a little bit of chocolate.

Simple Dessert Quesadillas-3

I just flipped that bad boy in half and placed it in a greased, heated skillet for 1-2 minutes on each side. Just until it was crisp and golden.

Simple Dessert Quesadillas-1-2

I stuck mine in a small bowl of vanilla ice cream….and possible drizzled a little bit of caramel sauce. HEAVEN!

Simple Dessert Quesadilla Recipe

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Prep Time:5 minutes
Cook Time:4 minutes
Total Time:9 minutes


  • Flour or Corn Tortillas
  • Chocolate Chips
  • Cinnamon Sugar
  • 1 tsp butter or margarine
  • Cream Cheese softenedOptional Additions
  • Sliced Bananas
  • Sliced apples
  • Coconut
  • peanut butter chips
  • nuts
  • and more


  • Heat a skillet over medium heat. Melt butter or margarine in the skillet.
  • Spread 1-2 tbsp cream cheese sweetened to taste with cinnamon sugar over 1 tortilla.
  • Top with 1-2 tbsps chocolate chips and fold tortilla in half.
  • Place tortilla in skillet and heat for 1-2 minutes on each side until crisp and golden
  • Remove, slice, and serve.
  • Repeat as desired.Options
  • You can place any combo you wish in the tortilla. Here are some that work well for us.
  • Apple & Cream Cheese
  • Banana & chocolate chipsGluten Free
  • Use Gluten free corn tortillasDairy free
  • Exclude the cream cheese and use a dairy free margarine or dairy free cream cheese substitute.

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