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Whole Family Gift Ideas to Make Holiday Shopping Easier

I hope these whole family gift ideas help you finish up your Christmas shopping and make your life a little easier!

When it comes to Christmas shopping it is sometimes easier to get the whole family a gift than it is to by each individual a present. Let’s be honest, it can be cheaper too. You want everyone to feel loved and included but it can be hard to find something that everyone will like.

Here are a few Whole Family Gift Ideas to Make Holiday Shopping Easier this year.

Awesome Pack



This one is so unique, especially for a family with smaller children. Awesome Pack allows you to create and AWESOME family fun gift box full of board games, projects, goodies and more. You choose from Family Pack or Big Kid Adults and they do the rest. This is a subscription service but you are free to cancel at any time. For $39.95 a month it is a great gift option!



TasteTrunk is a unique gift. Send your loved ones a trunk of unique gourmet gifts. You can choose from themes like “Death By Chocolate” or “Rise and Shine”. The best part is it is affordable. Many trunks are $50 or less and New customers get a $10 Credit!

Netflix Gift Card


If you want a great gift for a family why not give them something they will really use? You can snag a Netflix Gift Card and give them the gift of Netflix for part of the year. If you have a family you know that Netflix is awesome. We have actually had a membership for years and gave up our cable! We love it. You can snag them right on Amazon!

Restaurant Gift Cards


This is another one of those gifts that just makes sense for families. I know that we don’t go out to eat very often mostly because of the cost. Why not give one of your favorite families the gift of a night off of cooking? Snag a Gift Card to a local pizza place or restaurant and let them enjoy a night out. This is a super gift option! Keep your eyes out as many restaurants offer promotions this time of year like buy $50 gift card get a bonus gift card! 

Board Games


One of the best gifts, in my opinion, is the gift of family fun. Why not pick out a couple of your favorite board games and share them with a family on your gift list. Include some popcorn and snacks and you have a creative fun gift ready to go!


Think of it as the gift that keeps on giving. Give a family on your list a membership to a local museum, park, zoo, or aquarium. They will get to enjoy family outings all year long. Plus many memberships include reciprocal perks. Meaning they can often get into other attractions for free or discounted. 


Outdoor Fun

Outdoor fun is the best! Snag a basketball hoop, horse shoes or some other great outdoor games for a family on your list. You could also get camping supplies and marshmallows! How fun!

I hope these whole family gift ideas help you finish up your Christmas shopping and make your life a little easier!


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