Stuffed Frankenstein Door Decor

Kid friendly and so much fun for Halloween. Try this easy to make Frankenstein Door Decor

I saw this and I knew I had to make it…..well, my kids had to make it!  It is super easy, wallet friendly, and what kid doesn’t like to paint?!Kid friendly and so much fun for Halloween. Try this easy to make Frankenstein Door Decor

Here are the easy directions.

You will need….

  • 2 Large piece of paper (I used painters paper.  You could use newspaper.)
  • Green paint
  • Black paint
  • Green construction paper
  • Aluminum foil
  • Old Cereal Box, or other cardboard packaging.
  • Old grocery bags or Newspaper for the stuffing
  • Stapler, or whole punch and yarn to hold him together.

First….make sure both large pieces of paper are the same size.

Lay one large piece of paper out on a surface you can clean or don’t care about.   It WILL get paint on it!

With a black marker give frankenstein a hair line.  That way the kids know where to paint black.

Now paint away.  Give him Black hair and his signature Green face.DSCN2060

WARNING….Make sure the kids are wearing old clothes, or none at all as modeled by the little one!

Now…Mom steps in.  Unless you have a really artsy child.  Mom use the black paint and give Frank his stiches and a mouth. Don’t worry! You don’t have to be Picaso for this step. DSCN2068

While Frank dries…get out the green construction paper.  Draw a large circle.  Now cut it out.  Now cut that circle in half….you have EARS!  You can add details to them if you would like.   Don’t glue them on yet!DSCN2073

Now print out this template.  It is for the Bolts.  Cut out the bolts and glue them onto an old box.  I used a cracker box, but you could use a cereal box or whatever you have on hand.  You just want to make them sturdy.DSCN2071

Cut out the bolts.  Now we are going to cover them with aluminum foil.  You don’t have to glue. Just fold around the bolts.  It will stay on its own.DSCN2077

For the eyes, I cut out 2 circles using a bowl and printer paper.   Then,  I cut out 2 small black circles for the centers.  You could use a marker.  Glue the eyes on to Frank.   He should be drying pretty good by now. DSCN2067

Here is where that 2nd piece of paper comes in.  We want to staple them together.  This is also how we will attach the ears and bolts.  We will sandwich them between the 2 piece like so.  DSCN2078Then, staple them into place.  Make sure to leave the bottom open for the stuffing!DSCN2081

After he is stapled,  stuff him with wadded up newspaper (Which you know you have from all those Sunday papers you got the coupons out of.) OR plastic Grocery bags.  I chose the grocery bags just because they were the closest.  DSCN2082

Staple up the bottom and there you have your overstuffed Frankenstein. I hung ours on the front door and it turned out really cute!Kid friendly and so much fun for Halloween. Try this easy to make Frankenstein Door Decor

You could also make these into a smaller version.  We just go a little overboard around here for the holidays!

If you make it, I would love to see your Frank.  Send me pictures!


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