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Easy 3D Paper Snowflakes – Fun Kids Craft

Decorate your house for winter with these Easy 3D Paper Snowflakes. So pretty and they make a fun kids craft for a chilly day!

Easy 3D Paper Snowflakes

Decorating for winter can be a fun and creative way to beat the winter blues! Adding some snowflakes, decorating with some farmhouse bead garland, and making some Homemade Jar Candles can really liven up your home.

This project is great because it is simple and affordable to make. 3D Paper snowflakes need only paper, glue, scissors, creativity and some time. Making this a great project for kids on a cold or snowy day. These are equally beautiful to decorate your home for Christmas, or even to decorate a gift.

Easy 3D Paper Snowflakes

You Will Need

paper strips, pencil, and glue stick

How to

cardstock, pencil on paper guillotine

Cut paper into ½ to 1-inch strips, depending on how thick you want each snowflake. If you are using a paper guillotine you can pre-cut the paper strips for your kids so they don’t have to use scissors or anything sharp. Just supply them with the paper strips, pencil, and gluestick.

cardstock wrapped around pencil

Wrap the paper strips around a pencil to create the curls. The design of your snowflake can change depending on how tightly you wrap the paper.

3d paper snowflake

Create a snowflake shape by gluing the pieces of paper together. This takes a little creativity but is so rewarding.


paper snowflake

  • Remember that snowflakes are symmetrical. (Makes a great challenge for older kids.)
  • To create pointed tips on the snowflakes, Fold strips of paper in half and use the fold as the point.
  • Make the snowflakes as simple or as elaborate as desired.
  • Hang the snowflakes as decorations using thin thread or fishing line.

easy 3d paper snowflake

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