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25 Easy Lunch Box Ideas & Tricks

Does the thought of figuring out what to pack in the kids lunchbox make your head hurt? Check out this list of 25 Easy Lunch Box Ideas & Tricks.

When school starts not only are the kids learning new things but so are the parents. They are struggling to learn new ways to pack a healthy and nutritious lunch without being boring. It is so easy to get stuck in a rut packing the same things over and over again because it is just plain easy. Check out these 25 Easy Lunch Box Ideas & Tricks to help you spice up that lunch box once and for all.

#1) Freezer PB&J – It’s inevitable. PB&J’s will happen. So why not make it easy on your self and stock the freezer with them. Check out how easy it is!

#2) Printable Lunch Notes – Everyone wants to feel loved. Print these FREE Printable Lunch Notes and pop one in that lunchbox.

#3) Homemade Snack Cakes – Skip store bought and make your own snack cakes. Homemade Chocolate Twinkies, Oatmeal Cream Pies, & Party Twinkies are sure to be the best dessert at the table.

#4) Applewiches – I love how much fun these are! I have yet to meet a kid who didn’t flip for these yummy Applewiches.

#5) Pizza Biscuits – I love making these pizza biscuits on the weekends and making extras. I just pop them in a freezer bag and store in the freezer for later in the week. When ready I heat them in the microwave. They can be served at room temperature or kept warm in a Thermos.

#6) Homemade Lunchables – This is by far my kids favorite! I make Homemade lunchables in their favorite shapes. These are so simple, fresh, and include much more for less than the store bought version.

#7) Creamy Cucumber Turkey Bites – Ditch the bread and put their sandwich on a cucumber. Check out these yummy creamy cucumber turkey bites.

#8) Corn Dog Bites – These Corn Dog Bites are a favorite of the kids and easy to keep warm in the thermos until lunch. PERFECT kid sized meal.

#9) Mac & Cheese Muffins – All kids love mac & cheese. Make it less messy with these homemade Mac & cheese muffins. The perfect size to pack in the lunch box!

#10) Rainbow Bread – A sandwich is not just a sandwich when it is made on Rainbow Bread…am I right? That could brighten anyones day. If you don’t want to bake it yourself ask a local bakery. Many make it on special request.

#11) Wrap it up – Instead of packing a sandwich, grab a tortilla and wrap it up instead. That one simple change can transform a lunch into something new. Gluten free? Use lettuce.

#12) Pasta Toss – This is such a simple lunch idea that everyone loves. Toss some cooked macaroni, with some cooked diced chicken, and veggies. Drizzle with the kids favorite salad dressing. This pasta salad makes a great lunch.

#13) Ranch Dressing – When in doubt…pack ranch. Kids love ranch dressing on carrots, chips, chicken and more. Keep this ranch dressing mix on hand for when the mood strikes.

#14) Snacks – My kids love to snack all day. Why not fill their lunchbox with a bunch of healthy snacks. These Easy Pancake Bites, fruit, yogurt, etc. Makes a fun lunch that will never get boring.

#15) Lunch Box Smoothies – I am in love with this Lunch box Smoothies idea.  You can make them even easier with these Smoothie Packets.

#16) Kabobs – All kids love food on a stick. It’s a scientific fact. So make kabobs. Meat, cheese and veggies on a stick (plastic straws work great). We also love these fruit wands too!

#17) Thermos (Not just for soup) – These Thermos Foogo containers aren’t just for soup anymore! Fill them with boiling water in the morning and let sit for about 5 minutes. Dump out the boiling water and fill with warm leftovers, warm chicken nuggets, whatever you were hoping to keep warm for lunch. Close the lid tight. The termos will keep the items warm for up to 5 hours!

#18) Cookie Cutters – Who knew something simple as the shape of a sandwich or a piece of fruit could make a kid want to eat it more. Pick up some small cookie cutters in different shapes and cut up fruit, sandwiches, or cheese. The kids will love it!

#19) No-Drip Homemade Ice Packs – What to do when you want to keep your lunch cold. No more bulky ice packs. Check out these cheap & easy No Drip Homemade Ice Packs.

#20) Reusable Bottles – I bought a set of these last year, and just bought another. These reusable bottles are so handy to pack water, juice, and more. Just fill and go. They are colorful, and dishwasher safe.

#21) Reusable Sandwich Bags – Ok, I love these. I made them myself a few years ago and they are still going strong. They are reusable fabric sandwich bags that fold out into a placemat! Y’all they are worth the time to make them. Who knows how much I have saved on ziplocs over the years.

#22) Small Resealable Containers – These small resealable containers are a must have in lunch packing. These are great for not only dips & dressings but to make your own Jello Cups & Pudding Cups too! Much cheaper than those store bought ready to go cups.

#23) Pre-Pack Chips – I am guilty of buying those small bags of chips for lunches, but you are paying for convenience not product. I take a few minutes on the weekend to pre-pack chips, pretzels, crackers, etc. in small sealable sandwich bags and put them in a basket in the pantry so they are ready to grab & go. Money & time saved!

#24) Reusable Bento Boxes – These are another must have in your lunch packing arsenal. These Reusable bento boxes are a great way to pack variety in one container. Perfect for the kid that doesn’t like their food touching. 😉

#25) Napkin – Last but not least I always forget the napkin. Save left over birthday napkins, or pick them up on clearance. I keep a little basket full of colorful napkins. The kids never know what they are going to get and it adds a bit of whimsy to their lunch without too much work.

I hope these Easy Lunch Box Ideas & Tricks help take the stress off of packing lunch this year.

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