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7 Places to Find Inexpensive Fairy Garden Supplies

Build a magical fairy garden any fairy would love to visit all while staying on a budget! Check out these 7 Places to Find Inexpensive Fairy Garden Supplies.

Where to find fairy garden supplies

The season of fairy gardens is upon us, and now is the time to start stocking up on all of those plants and miniatures to make it perfect! If you love creating fairy gardens but want to do so on a budget, take a peek below at 7 places to find inexpensive fairy garden supplies. The truth is you can craft a fairy garden for less, and create the perfect little paradise for those fairies on a budget. Here is how!

7 Places to Find Inexpensive Fairy Garden Supplies

1. Michael’s Craft Store

While Michael’s does offer a fairy garden section; the section you should look in is dollhouse miniatures. This selection is out all year and has items for as little as a dollar. Find mini foods, chairs, tables, soda bottles, and more that make perfect fairy garden supplies.

Use Michael’s smartphone app and save as much as 30% off your purchase as well!

2. Dollar Tree

Look in the toy section at Dollar Tree for the small dollhouse furniture pieces they have. They often have small chairs, tables, and even beds. You can spray-paint these to fit the look you want or use them as is. You can also find silk flowers perfect for using as colorful accents in your garden.

Did you know you can order from the Dollar Tree online now?

Check out this adorable Fairy Door Kit on Etsy! Use coupon code “SHORTCUTS” to get 10% off.

3. Gardening Centers

Visit your local gardening center for cheap sand/dirt/rocks that can be used to create accents in your fairy gardens. You can also find tiny plants such as primrose and dusty miller (about $1 per pack of 4 seedlings) which make perfect accent plants.

Don’t forget to check to see if your garden center has a “dead plant rack”. You can find deeply discounted plants that need a little love.

4. Your Kitchen

Paper straws make cute poles for holding bunting banners, blue cake sprinkles make cute ponds, and cupcake cups can make cute boats or umbrellas. Get creative with what you have right in your own kitchen.

5. Your Recycling Bin

Head right to your own recycling bin to find items perfect for your fairy garden. If you drink wine, wine corks can make cute chairs. Scrap paper can be turned into bunting banners, pools, ponds, and even shredded to make tiny campfires. Have your kids help you and get creative. The whimsical world of fairies is all about using the unexpected.

6. Your Own Backyard

This is my favorite. Use twigs to build tiny accents such as campfires or picket fencing. Acorn hats make cute little cups, and of course, a little moss makes any fairy garden look grand! You can also find colorful rocks, pebbles, wood chips, and other natural items in your yard that will work great with your fairy garden. Imagination is key when working with fairies.

7. Thrift Stores

Head to local thrift stores to look for dollhouse furniture, fake plants, colorful scrap fabrics, and other items that could be incorporated into your fairy garden. Get creative with your findings and see if they don’t have a spot in your fairy garden! If you don’t find any of these items, a thrift store is always a great place to find your main fairy garden pot, planter, or dish. They tend to have tons of options!

Creating a fairy garden on a budget can be easy when you keep these 7 places to find inexpensive fairy gardens items a try! You are sure to craft a dreamy fairy garden that looks great for less.

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