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Black Friday Secrets: Save More This Holiday Season

Black Friday Secrets to help you save more this holiday season

Black Friday is one of the most coveted shopping days of the year. The Friday after Thanksgiving doors open at the crack of dawn and shoppers pile in to snag gifts at a fraction of the price. I have been watching trends and helping people save for years. I have learned a few tricks of the trade. Here are the Black Friday Secrets big retailers don’t want you to know.


If you want to get the most out of the Black Friday Deals you need to be prepared. Know what you are looking for. Know the base price, and know what the stores will have on sale? How do you prep for the sales? Keep following the A Few Short Cuts Black Friday Deals page. As the preview roll out I will be sharing them and the best deals with you.

The Big Shift

The last couple years we have seen a huge shift in Black Friday trends. Many stores are offering their Black Friday Deals on Thanksgiving.  Online retailers are also starting to offer their deals earlier and earlier to compete.

The best part about shopping online? Many of these retailers have their Black Friday Deals live late night Wednesday or even on Monday! That means you are getting a huge head start on those deals.  You can also enjoy Thanksgiving at home with your family instead of shoving in the stores.  Follow our Santa’s Short Cuts for all of the online holiday deals!

Online Deals

I have never been one to get out in the stores bright and early for deals, but I will stay up late in my PJs on the couch. Over the last few years we have seen a huge increase in online shopping. With that, retailers have brought those Black Friday deals online. Sometimes they are even available earlier than the in-store deals. No crowds, no pushing. Just click and you are done.  Plus add in those online coupon codes and you are saving even more than you would in a brick and mortar store.   Lucky for you I try to stay on top of all the latest online deals .

Be Fast

Whether you are in-store or online the deals can go fast. You need to be ready. Just like lining up in store, the online deals go quickly when the savings are big. No what time your deals are scheduled to go live. Have that mouse and credit card info ready. Many times these sell out in minutes!

Bigger Deals

Is Black Friday really the best shopping day of the year to save money? It is quite possible for some retailers. Typically we see the biggest price drops of the year the week before and the week after Black Friday.  With more and more online shopping deals and Free Shipping the time frame for getting great deals has extended.

Avoid Spontaneous Purchases

We all do it. We head into a store for a single “sale item” and end up picking up a couple other things while we are there. Stores count on the fact that you will do this. Make a list and stick to it. Only buy the deeply discounted items. This is much easier to do online than it is in store.

Who Has the Best Deals?

Now this is a matter of opinion. The last couple years the biggest online deals have come from,, &  This year may be different, especially with offering Free Shipping on any order,  but those are definitely top stores to keep your eyes on.

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