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7 Ways to Save Money at Whole Foods

Are you trying to eat healthier but can't afford it? Check out 7 Ways to Save Money at Whole Foods Market! Some great frugal tips to help you pinch those pennies.

Eating healthy doesn’t have to break the bank, and these 7 Ways To Save Money At Whole Foods prove that.  Whole Foods is a favorite in real food and whole food circles because of their policy keeping many chemicals and additives from the foods in their stores.  If you are looking to shop for specialty items, organic, natural or GMO-free foods this will help you make that more affordable.

7 Ways To Save Money At Whole Foods

Stack coupons.  Not only does Whole Foods accept manufacturer coupons, they often put out in store coupons that they allow you to stack with traditional coupons.  This means twice the savings.  However, most of these items are things that you may find lower prices in store brand, so always check all prices before buying the “brand” versus store.  Sometimes coupons don’t always make it the lowest price.

Shop their weekly sales.   Not only will they have sales listed online, but you will have individual in store specials each week.  Shop the sales for the best deals on meats, produce and select brands each week.  Plan ahead by checking out the website prior to your trip so you know what to watch for.

Buy sale items in bulk and freeze for later.  When they have great deals on produce, meats or bulk items don’t hesitate to stock up.  Portion meats and freeze for future use.  Most produce can be cleaned and cut into portions and frozen for easy use later.  This is especially great for things like peppers, onions, squash, mangoes and berries.

Compare prices of bulk items and packaged items in store. Before grabbing the lowest price on the shelf, check their bulk section to see if a similar item is lower price per ounce.  Dry beans, oatmeal, rice and other grains are often up to $1 less per pound when purchased from the bulk areas versus in branded or store brand boxes on the shelf.

Shop their 365 brand.   Whole Foods 365 store brand is one of the lowest priced brands in organic foods.  Always look at the store brand and compare before grabbing items off the shelf.  Check the price per ounce since some of these items will have varying sizes from other store brands.

Bring your own grocery bags. While they don’t charge you for bags, they will give you a discount for bringing your own. It’s not a lot, but over the course of a year that can be a significant savings for your grocery budget.

Follow your individual store on social media.  Not only should you watch the main Whole Foods website for weekly sales, you should follow your individual stores on social media.  They often will have last minute sales on specific days each week.  This is how you find out about those great BOGO or super low prices on meat in their butcher department.

Plan ahead and make sure you know what your other local grocery chain prices are for products.  Whole Foods 365 brand and sale prices are surprisingly lower than many other chain grocery stores.  In fact, many staple items like canned beans, tomatoes, rice, soups and even milk are considerably cheaper in the 365 brand than other generic store brands in the same market.  Knowing your grocery store and prices of the products you use regularly will help you to save money at Whole Foods grocery stores.

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