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How to Make Hair Detangler Spray

Do you have little girls that have long hair? This homemade detangled spray will save you tears. Learn How to Make Your Hair Detangler Spray for pennies! #SaveALotInsiders

My girls have long beautiful hair, but boy can it turn into a tangled mess quickly. I learned How to Make Hair Detangler Spray and it has been a life and budget saver!


Hair care is a big one at my house! I popped into Save a Lot the other day for a few household staples and noticed they had Suave Hair & Body Care Products in store now. The price was so good I picked up a few to restock the bathrooms.



I got the Suave 2-in-1 Surfs Up Shampoo for the kids bathroom. This is perfect for my littlest. She still gets confused by all the bottles so to have a 2 – in -1 is perfect for her. She loved it. She came out telling everyone to smell her hair. She just loved the way it smells.

I also got the Suave Green Apple Shampoo & Conditioner. At $0.99 each you can’t go wrong. It smells so fresh and springy because of the green apple. Prices may vary on location.

Plus I snagged the Caress Daily Silk Body wash and Dove Bath Bar Soap for the showers. I love the Caress Daily Silk Body Wash. It is one of my favorites!

How to Make Hair Detangler Spray

Just Put 1 tbsp of the conditioner and 1 cup of water in an empty spray bottle and give it a good shake. Spray on stubborn tangles or messy bedhead to comb in out without a problem. Plus it smells heavenly!

That $0.99 bottle of conditioner goes a long way when using it as a detangler! You can pick up an empty spray bottle at the dollar store and you are good to go!

Next time you are out of hair products pop into Save A Lot and snag some of these Suave hair care items. They are budget friendly and are perfect to restock your bathrooms.

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  1. Amanda- if the little spray bottles do not perform well, which it is extremely difficult to pump pump pump w/out a trigger, go to Sally’s Beauty Supply & ask for a pro water bottle. Best ones are the plastic ones w sort of opaque bottle w red trigger top. The hard plastic ones that are pretty usually made the water sour if left in more than a couple days. Metal ones are my fav. U can set up water in one for weeks w/out it smelling sour.

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