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Save on Egg Prices – Benefits to Owning Chickens

Save on Egg Prices and get your own chickens. Check out this large list of benefits to owning chickens.

eggs in straw nest

Egg prices are on the rise and people are scrambling (pun intended) to find a way to lower their grocery costs. If you live in an area that allows chickens, you may want to consider owning a few. Here are some great benefits to owning chickens.

Pest Control

Chickens are great pest control! They love to eat bugs and worms out of the yard. They are a great natural pest control solution.

Weed Control

Chicken hens in the garden

Just like the bugs, chickens love to eat small plants and weeds. While it isn’t perfect gardening, they do aid in keeping some of the weeds back. Watch out if you are a gardener…they also love to snatch young seedlings.


Chicken poop is a great fertilizer. Add it to your compost bin for extra nutrients in your garden.


Perhaps the biggest bonus to owning chickens is Eggs! Each breed of chicken has a different laying capacity. Choose one that is right for you. The average hen lays about 5 eggs a week. They do slow down in the colder months, so plan ahead. Homegrown chicken eggs are so much healthier and richer than store-bought eggs. You will never want to go back to the grocery store eggs.

Baby Chicks

baby chickens on a board

If you have a rooster then your eggs will most likely be fertilized. You can allow a hen to sit on them to hatch them, or invest in a chicken incubator. This will keep you inconstant supply of new chickens for laying.


Chicken coops can get PRICEY! Especially with the trend of people raising their own birds. They do not need a fancy coop. They just need a place they can roost, get out of the weather, stay warm, and away from predators. The smaller birds should be able to be protected from predators like hawks, raccoons, etc, until they are big enough to fend for themselves. A small shed, or lean-to can be perfect. Check craigslist or Facebook marketplace for used coops that can be reused.

Leftover cleanup

When I am cleaning out my fridge my chickens are my go-to crew. They love leftover produce, pasta, bread, etc. It is a fun treat for them, and is a fun way to empty out my unwanted or spoiled food.


Watching chickens is some great entertainment. They have their own daily routines that are interesting to watch. It makes for some great wholesome entertainment.

Dual Purpose

Want to get homesteady? Raise chickens that are considered dual purpose. They get large enough to be used as meat but also lay eggs. You can keep your birds in rotation so you always have fresh eggs and meat.

Frequently Asked Chicken Questions

Do you Need a Rooster?

You only need a rooster if you would like fertilized eggs for raising baby chicks. If you plan on only eating the eggs then you do not need a rooster.

What age do chickens start laying?

It honestly depends on the breed of chickens. Some start as early as 6 months.

How much do chickens eat?

If your chickens are free range they do not need a lot of feed. A handful of layer feed and chicken scratch keeps them happy. They also love chicken scraps.

Do chickens fly away?

While Chickens can fly they can’t fly far or high. It is highly unlikely that they will up and fly away. If you want to keep them more contained, you can clip their wings.

Where to buy Chickens?

You can find chicks at your local farm store (Like Tractor Supply or Rural King). You can also buy them from hatcheries online like Hoover Hatchery.

Do you have more tips for Backyard chickens?

Yes, check out our post on How to Raise Backyard Chickens

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