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Back to School Must-Haves that Keep Kids Recharged

These Back to School Must have the Keep Kids Recharged is sponsored by Jif® Power Ups™ All opinions are 100% my own.

When back to school time rolls around the teachers always send out a long list of things that you need to buy. The typical list includes pencils, notebooks, erasers, etc. Those lists don’t always have everything practical. What about the must-haves that aren’t on the list the school sends home? Check out this list of back to school must-haves that keep kids recharged and focused this school year.

Back to School Must Haves that Keep Kids Recharged

Cell Phone Battery Pack Charger

Sometimes our batteries are just drained… literally. There is nothing worse than being disconnected from the ones you love. Snag one of these handy Cell Phone Battery Pack Chargers to keep in your child’s backpack. If they don’t have access to an outlet they can keep their devices charged to re-connect quickly. This is perfect in case of an emergency.


After listening to other kids on the school bus, or the teacher talking about Algebra for an hour, a mental recharge is just what the doctor ordered. Pick up a pair of headphones so your child can listen to their music, or even better, connect it to their computer for school work. Either way, a great pair of headphones is a back to school must.

Reusable Water Bottle

Have you ever watched kids drinking from a water fountain? ~blech~ Do your child a favor and get them a nice reusable water bottle to keep in their backpack to keep them hydrated during the day. A great way to recharge those water stores.

Fitness Tracker

Have you ever thought about how many hours your child is spending sitting behind a desk when school starts? Many schools are cutting back on recess and a fitness tracker is a great way to keep your child moving to reach a personal goal. Fitness trackers can be encouraging for anyone, but they are a great tool to help your child take charge of their health in the new school year.

Delicious Snacks

As moms we know that by the time the kids get home from school they are starving.  Next time you are at the store snag some of these Jif® Power Ups™ granola bars or yummy Jif® Power Ups™ creamy clusters to toss in their backpack for a quick snack in between classes, or on that bus ride home.

Jif® Power Ups™ bars and clusters have absolutely no corn syrup and a balance of 5g of protein, 2g of fiber, good fats and most importantly, peanuts are #1 ingredient. Jif® Power Ups™ are a great way to recharge anytime hunger strikes.

Hopefully these items help to keep your kids recharged all school year. They have some great tools to help them learn and make some smart choices in the new school year.

What is one must have that your school didn’t put on the list? Share in the comments below.



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