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Cinnamon Roll Cheesecake

From time to time I hit the kitchen with cravings for something sweet and gooey! I love my babies, but this mama doesn’t have any food allergies, so I have been known to sneak a goodie after they go to bed.  That would be where this lovely Cinnamon Roll Cheesecake comes in.  It isn’t hard to make at all!

I took a short cut and bought the premade Cheesecake filling in a tub. Yep, easy way out, and I am totally ok with that.  See, I knew when I planned on making this treat that I was going all in. I haven’t had a fattening, gooey delicious, non-gluten free, treat since I don’t know when.  I figured I was due one night of goodness. 🙂

Oh since we are going the short cut way,  I totally bought a roll of cinnamon rolls. I realize that these are luxuries that many take advantage of all the time, but for me it feels like it is a forbidden treat.  I am always reading labels for gluten free and dairy free options, so it almost felt like I was doing something wrong just waltzing over and picking up a roll of pop n fresh rolls.  I am such an outlaw. ~giggle~

After the cinnamon rolls came out of the oven (So wish I had smell a vision because the cinnamony goodness was pouring out of my oven), I let them cool.  Then, I scooped out the center with a spoon.  I may have eaten one or two of the centers…you know, so I didn’t waste any of the ingredients. 😉  I filled them with the cheesecake filling and VOILA! Yes, I know that this is so easy anyone could do it, but Cinnamon Rolls and Cheesecake….married together in a heap of decadent goodness is to die for!

Hubby to one bite and I am pretty sure he was in love.  All I heard was an “OH MY!”, followed by a “Why haven’t you made this before?”.  If you want a delicious treat! This is it folks!

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  1. 5 stars
    Sorry for being ignorant but, when you shell out the insides do you leave a thin amount so the filling doesn’t come out correct

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