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Last Minute Ideas to Earn Money for Christmas

Don’t let the holidays bust your budget. Check out these Last Minute Ideas to Earn Money for Christmas and keep your spending on track.

Don't let the holidays bust your budget. Check out these Last Minute Ideas to Earn Money for Christmas and keep your spending on track. | @AFewShortcuts #christmas #tips #budget

Christmas is such an exciting time of year, and it is so joyful to get in the giving spirit. That giving spirit can get expensive and take down a budget in no time. It is the perfect time to take on some odd jobs or get creative so you don’t bust that budget. Even if Christmas is getting close, here are some last minute ideas to earn money for Christmas.

eBay or Facebook Marketplace

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. It is time to clean out and make some cash. Start finding items around your house that you will never use, don’t want, or could let go. List them for sale on eBay, Facebook Marketplace, or Craigslist. You may be surprised how much cash you can scrape up in a pinch.

Odd Jobs

Your time is valuable, and this time of year people don’t have a lot of extra time. Many people will pay a premium for odd jobs like running errands, cleaning house, housesitting, walking dogs, etc. There are many online services to help match those looking for jobs with those that need help. Check out,, or if you are looking for a legit service. Also, check with Amazon to see if they are hiring seasonal delivery drivers in your area. Delivering packages is typically flexible and a perfect way to earn some cash.

Cash in on Your Hobbies

Do you love to craft, bake, or decorate? Cash in on your hobbies. Offer holiday cookie trays to your friends, or start making those Christmas wreaths and offer them for sale. Your friends and family would rather buy from you than a big box store. Take it further and post to Facebook Marketplace, Etsy, or take your creations to the local farmers market. Who knows…it might turn into a fun side hustle.


I understand this isn’t for everyone, but if you love kids or you are a mom, this is perfect. Babysitting is one of the most underestimated ways to make some quick money during the holidays. So many people have parties or last-minute get-togethers that are popping up. They also might want a day out to go Christmas shopping. Let your circle of friends know that you are available to babysit during the holidays. Be prepared to be the most popular person around.

The bottom line is, you can get creative to make some serious cash before Christmas. People don’t want to have to worry about “busy work” during the holidays. This is your opportunity to earn money for Christmas by taking on the jobs they don’t want to do. Being creative can fund your entire Christmas Holiday!

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Do you have an idea for making money during the holidays? Share it in the comments below.

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