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Easy Dragonfly Magnet Kids Craft

It’s time to pull out the craft supplies and hot glue gun. Make these fun DIY Dragonfly Magnet Kids Craft with your family!

Easy Dragonfly Magnet Kids Craft

There is something about kids crafts that are one of the most fun ways to entertain a crowd on a boring day. If it is raining, spring break, summer vacation, a party, or just because you can pull out a bin of supplies and make everyone happy. These Easy Dragonfly Magnets are fun for the kids to design and assemble. The added bonus is they can stick on the fridge to hold little notes, or just decorate for spring.

What you Need

It’s time to dig out your craft supplies. For this project you will need a few supplies. Most you probably have on hand if you craft a lot with your kids.

How to Make a Dragonfly Magnet

This Dragonfly Magnet Kids Craft is super easy to make. Watch this quick video below for step by step instructions.

Written Instructions

  • Take each of the two pipe cleaners and bend them to create a set of wings. You may want to twist them to hold them in place.
  • Carefully hot glue the wings to the top of a popsicle stick.
  • Flip your popsicle stick over and glue a pom pom to the top for the dragonflies head.
  • Apply hot glue to the popsicle stick and decorate it with beads, sequins, or gems. You may even decide to add some glitter. Get creative.
  • Now glue two google eyes to the pom pom to create the dragonflies eyes.
  • Flip over your dragonfly and glue a magnet to the back so it can stick on the fridge. That is it! Your dragonfly is complete!

Easy Dragonfly Magnet Kids Craft

Best Place to Buy Craft Supplies for Kids

If you have a dollar tree in your area, hit them up for craft supplies. Many of the supplies needed for this craft and others can be found there for only a $1 each! I love to take my kids at the beginning of summer break and allow them to create their own craft bucket filled with things to keep them busy. It is also the first place we check for low cost supplies for our projects

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