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How to Make a Fairy Door – Dollar Store Craft

Looking for a fun craft for the fairy lover in your life? Learn How to Make a Fairy Door with items from the dollar store. Cute & easy!

How to Make a fairy door

As a mom of 2 girls I can tell you that Fairies are so much fun! Think Tinkerbell or the Tooth fairy. Why not really feed into your child’s imagination and creativity and learn how to make a fairy door?

It is an easy DIY project that you can do together, or turn into a party craft. As an added bonus you can get everything you need to make this from the Dollar Tree, making it fun and affordable.

What do you Do with a Fairy Door

The big question is, what on earth do you do with a Fairy Door. You place the fairy door on your wall, to allow fairies to come and go as they please.

Some parents use fairy doors to stimulate their children’s imaginations and prompt creative thinking, describing the fairies as creatures that use their magical powers to protect children from bad dreams, grant their wishes if they are well-behaved, and ~cough~ tooth fairy.

How to make a Fairy Door

fairy door supplies

Gather your supplies, you will need…

We found everything we needed for this project at our local dollar store. If your dollar store is missing any of these items you can find them at your local craft store.

To get started

popsicle sticks on canvas

  1. Begin by taking 3-4 craft sticks. Use scissors to cut them in half evenly.
  2. Add a line of hot glue to the back of each stick. Line the sticks up on the canvas and press, creating the door shape.
    moss and popsicle sticks on canvas
  3. You can now take your crafting moss and pebbles and start layering them around the door. Use a generous amount of craft glue and start pressing the pieces into place, covering the canvas as you go.
    rock on popsicle stick
  4. Take a small stone and glue it to the wood door as a handle. Hold in place until secure.
    fairy door decor
  5. Continue covering the canvas with the collage of moss and stones. You can also add in the faux flowers and greenery as you wish. Be generous with your glue so the items adhere well.
  6. Finish the fairy door by adding a small mushroom to the corner.

DIY Fairy Door

Your fairy garden door is now ready to be displayed.

Starting a Fairy Garden

Now that you are officially a fairy haven, you may want to think about starting a fairy garden. Kids love to create their own small little fairy garden for their fairies to play in.

Check out these 7 Places to Find Inexpensive Fairy Garden Supplies. You can use a variety of plants to make your garden , but I highly suggest edible plants like these Herbal Tea Plants That You Should be Growing In Your Garden. Your fairy garden will be beautiful and serve a wonderful purpose too!

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  1. Great little tutorial- thank you. Your door looks amazing. I will be gathering the supplies to make one for my class tomorrow 🙂

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