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Holiday Essential Oil Blend Recipes

Get your house in the holiday spirit with these Essential Oil Blend Recipes for the Holidays

These Holiday essential oil blend recipes are a perfect simple way to make your home smell fantastic this year. I love using a diffuser to give my home a nice fresh and clean smell, but I also love the smell of all of those winter and holiday scents.  Whether you like the earthy holiday tree and wreath smell, or the delicious scents of freshly baked foods, this list has some fantastic essential oil blend recipes that you will love using to make your home smell amazing.

Holiday Essential Oil Blend Recipes

No matter the brand of essential oils you are currently using, these blends should be easy to accomplish.  Most of these oils are readily available through many oil vendors, and are great to have on hand for multiple reasons.  I love using these essential oil blend recipes to make my home smell more like the holidays when I don’t have time to do the cooking or cleaning I would prefer.  A diffuser can be set up in each room of your home to create an atmosphere of wonderful holiday smells that make your home more inviting to guests throughout the season.

For each diffuser blend, I recommend utilizing 2-3 drops of each oil.  You can play with the blends to mix and match a bit stronger of some and lighter of others. For things like Cedarwood, Bergamot or even Clove that tend to be a bit harsher by themselves, you can create a mellow scent by adding in something like orange, lemon or even ginger.  

Utilizing these holiday essential oil blend recipes will help you home smell and feel inviting.  From the fresh crisp smell of peppermint blends that remind you of candy canes, to the delicious aroma of cinnamon, clove and ginger that remind you of your favorite cookies these blends are amazing choices.  This list will give you tons of great ideas to test out throughout your home to find the perfect smell for the holiday season.

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