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Glow in The Dark Easter Egg Hunt Idea

Looking for a fun way to liven up this years Easter egg Hunt? Why not have it in the dark with this fun Glow in the Dark Easter egg Hunt Idea?

Glow in the Dark Easter egg Hunt Idea

This year my kids are older and their idea of Easter fun is something out of the box. This year we decided it would be fun to take our Easter egg Hunt into the night with this fun Glow in the Dark Easter egg Hunt Idea!

Glow in The Dark Easter Egg Hunt Idea

The idea is to hide glow in the dark easter eggs around the yard, and in hard to find spots. Just the fun of running around in the dark trying to find the eggs kicks the difficulty up a notch. Not only is this more fun for the older kids, but the little ones love it too!

How to Make Glow in the Dark Easter Eggs

Easter eggs and glow sticks

There are some places that sell the glow in the dark Easter eggs ready to go. You can also make your own.

You will Need

To be honest I didn’t know the small mini glow sticks existed until I started to write this post. We always just snag the glow bracelets at the Dollar Tree. They are super affordable, and it is easy to pick them up on a quick run.

I’ve also been known to buy the glow stick bracelets in bulk on amazon because we use them for so many things. They are just fun and they can turn a movie night into an extra fun party, or a sleepover into something spectacular.

How to assemble

Glowing easter eggs

Shortly before your Easter egg hunt crack your glow bracelet or mini glow stick and place one inside of each jumbo Easter egg. Then hide them as you usually would for an Easter egg hunt.

You can make up rules to make the hunt more challenging.

For example:

  • Each kid can only pick up a specific color
  • Limit sections of the yard to each child.
  • Give smaller kids a head start.

Other Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

While this glow in the dark Easter egg hunt is a blast, I know it might not be for everyone. Check out these other fun Easter egg Hunt Ideas (read them here) to make your easter memorable for everyone.

Glow in the Dark Fun for Other Times of Year

Do you love the glow in the dark ideas? We have more. You are going to flip for this Glow in the Dark Wiffle Ball Idea! 

Even when it is cold out you can make these toasty glow in the dark no-slip socks. It’s a fun project when you can’t get outdoors.


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