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DIY Soap Pouch – Easy Sewing Tutorial

Looking for a great beginner sewing project? Try this easy DIY Soap Pouch. A great way to help kids not waste soap too!

Soap Pouch with Bars of soap

My youngest daughter is learning to sew and I am all about easy and practical sewing projects. There are only so many homemade random creations that I can have all over the place! It makes it easier to love all of her creative energy when what she is making has a purpose, like these! I just love this! This DIY Soap Pouch is super useful, especially for little kids, and honestly, they make a great gift too!

soap washcloth and sewing supplies

You will Need

If you sew, you may have a lot of these items on hand already.

How to Make a Soap Pouch

blue washcloth cut for sewing

1. Pre-wash your washcloths to avoid them shrinking.
2. Measure and cut a 4x 11” piece on the side of your washcloth, cut off the hemmed side.

blue washcloth with sewing pins

3. Fold your piece of the washcloth in half inside out with the short ends together.
4. Carefully pin the sides together, leaving the top open.
5. Measure and cut a 5” piece of ribbon, fold in half and pin to one side on the top of the washcloth.

Blue soap pouch inside out

5. Stitch the sides of the washcloth together with your sewing machine, fold the ribbon at an angle and sew on the one side.

Blue soap pouch

6. Turn the washcloth pocket right side out and slip a bar of soap inside.


You can purchase different colored washcloths or ribbon for each child so they know which soap pouch is theirs.

These are great because kids can have a difficult time with slippery bars of soap, or learning how much body wash is enough.

These Soap pouches take the guesswork out of bathing. When they are done, just hang the Soap Pouch up by the little loop. Just perfect!

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This is a fun sewing project for beginners that is super useful. A great idea to keep on hand for a Summer Project. If you would like to try another easy sewing project try this fun How to Make a Scrunchie Easy DIY Sewing Project!

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