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Holiday Gift Idea For Kids – BOSEbuild Speaker Cube

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of BOSEbuild for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Holiday Gift Idea: BOSEbuild Speaker Cube

I love the Christmas season, but knowing just the right gift for those on your list can be a difficult chore; especially when you are shopping for older kids! As a mom of 3, I want my kids to have toys that will not only keep them entertained but spark their imaginations to want to explore learning even more! That is why I love the BOSEbuild Speaker Cube and I am recommending it to everyone I know. 

Holiday Gift Idea: BOSEbuild Speaker Cube

We got the BOSEbuild Speaker Cube over the Summer. I told you all about it and our experience with assembling our BOSEbuild Speaker Cube. The moment we opened the box we fell in love with it! The kids had a blast learning all about sound, and putting together their new speaker! The app really guided them through their journey of exploring sound and magnets. My kids started asking questions and trying to learn more. That is amazing to see as a parent.

We have continued to use the BOSEbuild Speaker Cube everyday! We have even used it to make homework a little more fun which is not an easy task! The kids love to use it to listen to their favorite music with their BOSEbuild Speaker. Not only are they proud of their creation, but it is a fantastic quality speaker!

Holiday Gift Idea: BOSEbuild Speaker Cube

I think this is a great gift for any older child! BOSEbuild Speaker Cube makes such an amazing holiday gift because not only do you get to journey through the science of sound from magnets to music, but you get to build-it-yourself! It is like recieving 2 gifts in 1. From discovery and exploration of the very building blocks of sound to building and customizing their own Speaker Cube, kids will enjoy a high-performance Bluetooth speaker for years to come.

Without exaggeration my kids use this speaker every day! They listen to their music, and even hooked the speaker up to their video games through the headphone jack for better sound.  I was worried if this would withstand my 8 and 12-year-olds, but I am not anymore. I have seen them carry this around, accidentally drop it and change the faceplates several times. This still sounds and works as good as new. 

Holiday Gift Idea: BOSEbuild Speaker Cube

We have our BOSEbuild Speaker out and ready to play our favorite Christmas Music while we decorate the tree this year. We just love how the speaker has different colored lights that the kids can control with the BOSEbuild App. Of course we are leaning toward red & green, but with so many colors to choose from it is going to be a beautiful light show next to the tree. 

Holiday Gift Idea: BOSEbuild Speaker Cube

If you have an older child on your holiday list (8 years & up)! This is the perfect gift for them! Not only will they have a high quality bluetooth speaker to use, but you will be giving them the gift of knowledge and exploration through sound and magnets. This is one of those gifts that they just won’t be able to put down! They will love it, and so will their parents!

Holiday Gift Idea: BOSEbuild Speaker Cube
Don’t miss out having this under your tree this year! You can find the BOSEbuild speaker cube available to order at for $149. 

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