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How to Negotiate Work From Home Days with Your Boss

Working from home can be great for employees and the employer. Find out How to Negotiate work from home days with your boss!

How to Negotiate Work From Home Days with Your Boss

More and more people are making the switch from performing their job tasks in the office to performing them at home. Their reasons vary, some want to save money on childcare while others find it more profitable for the company to allow them to do so.

Whatever the case may be, technology is making it easier and simpler to work from home and avoid checking into a physical office daily. Does working from home interest you? Then take a look at some helpful tips below for how to negotiate work from home days with your boss. You will find that working from home may be beneficial for you both!

1.Make a pros and cons list for yourself.

Take the time to make a pros and cons list so you can think about the positive aspects as well as the challenges working from home provides. By recognizing both sides of the spectrum, you can be better prepared to state your argument and answer any questions and concerns your employer may have.

2. Decipher the resources you have that would allow you to work from home.

Make sure you have all of the resources you need such as a computer, reliable wifi, a suitable space, a phone to contact clients and other employees, reliable FaceTime/Skype, and any services that would provide virtual meeting/conference opportunities.

3. Draft up what your average work from home day schedule would be.

This schedule would be an agenda of what your day would look like from hour to hour. It can also include the tasks you would focus on and your outline for accomplishing them. Your agenda should be a clear picture of an efficient work day even though you are in the comfort of your home.

4. Decide how this would benefit the company.

Would the company be able to use your office space for other items throughout the week? Could they save money on materials you wouldn’t be present to use? Would they save on utilities by not having to provide power to your office space? In what ways does the company financially benefit?

5. Find resources to back up your idea.

Find reliable resources that show how the work from home model is working for other companies. Print out this information and be ready to present it. There is plenty of proof out there, take the time to find solid examples.

6. Make your presentation.

Ask to speak with your employer about this potential opportunity. Have all of the information mentioned above ready. Approach the subject with a positive attitude and as something that is a team effort. Give your research as well as the list of benefits the company will gain to your employer for further consideration and research.

7. Request a no obligation trial run.

See if your employer would commit to a no obligation trial run. Try the work from home method (whether it be one day a week or even 3, whatever you decide) and see how it fares in a test run. A test run would be the perfect chance for both parties to decide if this will work.

Working from home can be beneficial to both employee and employer. Consider this approach when discussing the work from home model with your boss!

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