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10 Practical Baby Shower Gifts Every New Mom Will Love

Don’t know what to give a new mom for a baby shower present? Check out these 10 Best Practical Baby Shower Gifts that any new mom is sure to love. Practical baby shower gift ideas

I love baby showers and celebrating a new life. As a mom myself, I know the gifts that you LOVE to get and the ones you can do without. What a new mom really needs is practical stuff that they are going to use. Skip all the fancy gadgets and get mom the gifts that are going to be the most useful to her. Here are the top 10 Practical Best Baby Shower Gifts. Ask any mom…I know they will agree.

10 Practical Baby Shower Gifts


Whether they are disposable or cloth, every mom needs diapers and lots of them. Don’t just buy the tiny baby sizes. Consider that the baby will grow, sometimes faster than you think. Buy mom a few packs of size 2 or size 3 diapers. She will thank you. Don’t forget to check out How to Save Money on Diapers, and get your gift for a little less.

Baby Wipes

These are a necessity. I used baby wipes for not only diaper changes but to wipe hands and faces long after we were done with diapers. You can never have too many baby wipes. These make a great gift.

Restaurant Gift Card

When you are a new mom, cooking dinner isn’t always a priority. New moms need a night or two off of cooking. Snag a local restaurant gift card…preferably one that delivers or has curbside service. This will be so appreciated after a long day of taking care of the baby.

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Store Gift Cards

I know it seems impersonal, but store gift cards like Target, Amazon, etc are the way to go. Mom can buy formula, diapers, or any of the gadgets she didn’t get for baby shower gifts with it. Don’t waste your money on things she may or may not use. You know she will appreciate a gift card.


This is always such a fun gift to make and give. Make a quick gift basket full of baby shampoo, diaper cream, lotion, and other baby toiletries. These are things that parents go through quickly and are always useful.

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Some kids grow fast, which means they go through their baby clothes quickly. Everyone is quick to purchase those adorable super tiny baby clothes. Snag mom those bigger sizes; like 6-9 months and up. She will be glad to have somethings that are larger for when the baby grows.

Kitchen Items

Oh my, I forgot how many sippy cups we went through. Sippy cups, bottles, spoons, plastic plates, snack cups, and more. All those little kitchen must-haves to keep the baby happy. I am pretty sure you can never have too many.  If you are going to get bottles it is best to check with mom first. Some parents are very picky about glass or plastic bottles or the brands they will use.

Movie Rental Gift Certificate

There were so many nights I was up nursing at 2 am. Snag the mom to be a gift certificate for movie rentals, or even a subscription service like Netflix. It will keep her entertained when she is up all hours of the night with the baby. It’s the perfect time to binge watch a new show.

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Laundry Items

Laundry is going to happen a lot with a baby in the house. Stock the new mom up on sensitive baby laundry detergents, stain removers, and like items. These are things she is going to be going through faster than she knows. A cute gift idea would be to fill a small hamper with these items so she is all ready to go. is a great place to snag some more natural and organic cleansers and they will ship right to her door plus you get a FREE Mrs. Myers Gift Set with your first order

Time Off 

Give a mom the gift of time. Offer to come in and babysit so she can shower, go out to lunch, or just take a breather. Even better hire a housekeeper one afternoon, or get her a salon gift card to get her nails done, something for her. Moms need to rejuvenate, and a little time off would be a perfect gift for a new mom.

The gift that can’t be topped is the new mom’s, sweet little baby. Just being there for her and being a great friend is the best gift you could give her. I hope that these Practical Baby Shower Gifts gave you some great ideas to celebrate the new mom and baby in your life.

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