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How to Fix Washing Machine with Slow Cold Water

Trying to do your laundry and the cold water isn't working right? Learn How to fix a Washing Machine with Slow Cold Water in just minutes!

I walked into the garage to start a load of laundry and cranked on the machine. I set it to cold because my daughter has these cute tops that can only be washed on cold and hung to dry. ~sigh~ Like I needed special care instructions for laundry. Anyway, I turned on the washing machine, and the water dripped so slowly it was painful to watch. I was certain I was going to need a new washing machine. Good thing I am resourceful because I learned how to fix a washing machine with slow cold water in just minutes. 

How to Fix Washing Machine with Slow Cold Water

You have two hoses running into the back of your washing machine: cold water and hot water. Cold water is usually the culprit. Turn the water valve off at its source then disconnect the cold water hose from your washing machine. 

Rince the hose itself out and make sure there is no sediment inside. 

Next look where that cold water hose connects to your machine. There is a little filter there. Clean it off well. I took some white vinegar on a rag and cleaned it off as best I could. Mine had a couple of little chunks of sediment stuck in it. We have well water that can be a bit hard. These small hard water sediment pieces were my culprit!

Reattach the hose once your filter is clean, turn the water back on at the source, and give it another go. Luckily this fixed my problem and my laundry is running perfectly again. YAY! Can you sense my enthusiasm? LOL, I am glad I didn’t have to buy a new machine!

If this does not fix your problem, you could need a new water valve switch for your washing machine. A new valve isn’t as expensive as you would think. There are many tutorials on youtube or just contact your local repairman to take a look. Hopefully, it will be a quick, painless fix!

Hopefully, this fixes your problem and now you know how to fix a Washing Machine with Slow Cold Water!

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  1. WOW,THANK YOU! My filter, that I Never knew I had, now is workong better than ever! It was SO clogged up that I had to use a toothbrush and finally Q-Tips to get it cleaned out. Thank You So much!

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