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How to Make Your Own Treadmill Desk

Ok, I am not a professional nor do I pretend to be, but if there is something that I want bad enough I will figure out how to get it.  As a blogger there are many hours a day I am required to be on the computer….just sitting.  I have noticed since I began blogging that it hasn’t been good for my health.  So we bought a treadmill, which has been great.  However, with the busy holiday season upon us I have been working some serious hours and I haven’t had time for my treadmill.

I decided to google “Treadmill Desk” today and my jaw hit the floor.  There were some really nice ones at really steep prices…like hundreds of dollars.  Well that won’t do.  So I got to thinking that I could make one fairly simply, and I was right.

I made a quick trip to Menards (local hardware store) and bought the following.

  • 1 – 3/4″ x 11 3/4″ x 36″ Finished shelf (Your length will vary depending on the width of your treadmill) $4.99
  • 1 Rubber Pipe Insulation $5.77
  • 2 – 4″ Metal Dryer Clamps $2.58
  • 1 package of flat head 3/4″ philips screws $1.59

So total I spent $14.93 plus tax a far cry from the thousands I saw!

You are going to want to measure the width of your tredmill from side bar to side bar to make sure you get the right length shelf. Mine was 36″. I gathered all of my supplies and got started.

Now the clamps I got were too big for my treadmill but not a biggie.  I just loosened the clamp and just bent it where I wanted it cut. It was that easy to break.  Then I just put the clamp back together.

I then screwed the clamps to the bottom of the shelf on each side to line up with my treadmills siderails.  I screwed them on so the clamp adjustment would be in an easily accessible place. That way when I want to remove the desk from my treadmill it would be easy.

I then Cut the Pipe insulation to fit around the siderails on the treadmill.  It is already slit long ways so I just needed to make it fit the length and just sat it on.

I then picked up the desk top and slid it over the covered siderails.  I tightened the clamps, and voila!

I am now the proud owner of a treadmill desk! I can check my emails and update the blog all while I am exercising.

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  1. I found it funny reading this entry, you have an ad at the top of the page for a treadmill desk for $789!! Great job! and good luck!!

  2. You could put a piece of velcro to the bottom of the laptop because honestly I would vibrate my laptop onto the deck and then into the wall!

    1. Carolyn, most laptops have rubber feet on the bottom of them to prevent them from sliding. However, I am not sure that would even be necessary considering the desk turned out very level and the pipe covers on the siderails act as shock absorbers so there wasn’t much bounce at all. If you were really concerned about it falling you can by some of that rubberized shelf liner paper and cut a piece for under your laptop.

  3. Well done!! what’s most amazing to me is that it’s very sleek and good looking for only $15. it doesn’t look home-made…which is a high compliment.

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