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How to Keep Your Earbuds from Getting Tangled

This quick and cheap DIY project is the secret of How to Keep Your Earbuds from getting tangled! Find out all the details!

Y’all. A moment of genius as occurred. You know when you reach in your backpack, purse, or drawer for those earbuds and they are all in a wad. It takes 5 minutes just to get them untangled so you can use them.  NO MORE! I have the simplest DIY to show you How to Keep Your Earbuds from Getting Tangled.

Earbud Untangler-1

DIY Ear Bud Holder

You will need.

  • 2 Wooden Clothes Pins (Dollar store)
  • Glue (Any strong glue will work)
  • Washi tape (to make it pretty)

Earbud Untangler-2

You are going to glue the clothes pins together like this. (Pictured Above) Basically you want them opening on opposite ends.

Once glued you can decorate with markers, washi tape, or leave plain.

Earbud Untangler-4

What you are left with is this handy dandy gadget. Clip the earbuds on one end. Wrap the cord around both clothes pins and pinch the plug on the other side. VOILA!

How to Keep Your Earbuds from Getting Tangled #Diy

Less than 5 minutes and under $1 you have the best way to keep you earbuds from getting tangled ever! Plus you can use these for other types of cords too! Hello phone chargers….you know you are next!

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