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Pool Noodle Monsters Kids Craft

Looking for some rainy day fun to keep the kids busy? Check out this simple Pool Noodle Monsters Kids Craft made with things from the Dollar Store. 

Pool Noodle Monsters Kids Craft

During the summer we are always looking for fun kids crafts to pass the time on a rainy afternoon. We love hitting the Dollar Store and stocking up on odds and ends for fun crafts. This easy Pool Noodle Monsters Kids Craft is a perfect project to keep the kids busy during the summer. They are also great to make a decorate the house with for Halloween. These Monsters are just fun all around.

Dollar Store Craft Supplies

craft supplies

The Dollar Tree is a great place to head to when you are looking for craft supplies for the kids. The fact that everything is $1 is THE BEST! They have pool noodles and all the odds and ends you will need to make this project, and several others.

You can also hit up Walmart. They have these Horizon Group Craft Supplies in the craft department for very reasonable. The kids can put together their own supply bin for under $10 and it will keep them busy all summer long!

Kids Craft Tips

Kid crafting with pool noodle

When you are helping your kids with a craft there are a few tips to remember.

  • Be Patient – Their attention span might not be long.
  • Let them Create – While their craft may not be perfect, it is theirs. Encourage them to be creative.
  • Keep it Age Appropriate – Every child is different. Don’t expect them to do a craft that might not be appropriate for their age.
  • Have Fun! – Turn on music. Be goofy. Craft with them. Most importantly, make memories with your child.

Pool Noodle Monster Ideas

Pool Noodle Monster

  • These monsters do not have to sit up. They can be made long ways too!
  • The more eyes the better.
  • Pipe cleaners, feathers, and bendy straws stick right into the pool noodle for easy assembly.
  • Craft glue works just as well as hot glue, it just takes longer to dry.

Pool Noodle Monsters

Hit up the dollar store and grab some craft supplies to make these cute Pool Noodle Monsters with your kids
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Cook Time:15 minutes
Total Time:15 minutes



  • Cut a pool noodle into about a 6 inch length.
  • Allow your child to help you design their monster by using the hot glue gun to glue on googly eyes, pom poms, buttons, etc. There is no wrong way to design your monster.
  • The pipe cleaners and the feathers just stick right into the pool noodle foam. There is no need to glue, but you can for additional strength.
  • Let your kids get creative with the craft supplies to create their own monster.
  • A fun rainy day craft. Even super cute to decorate for Halloween.
Author: Amanda Carlisle

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