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Introducing Moms With Crockpots

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When things get slow in the deal world I start blog hopping.  While searching for crockpot recipes I had a genius idea!  Well….I think it is genius.  I want a blog that is like a church cookbook.  Where everyone can share their favorite crockpot recipes, tell where they are from, tell their stories, and share what works for them.

So when you can’t find it…make it.

Thus, Moms With Crockpots has been born.  There are only a handful of recipes there right now, but I am counting on you guys to submit your favorite crockpot recipes.  They don’t have to be fancy or have a picture.  Just your favorite tried and true recipes, that you would like to share with other moms that are trying to save time in the kitchen!

So, head over to Moms With Crockpots, check out the recipes, and submit some of your own.  Keep in mind it is still a work in progress, but I know it will be a great resource for all of us in no time!

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