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Leaning Flower Pot Bird Feeder

leaning pot feeder

This is one of my pin-spired projects. I have been wanting to make this for weeks, but never seemed to make it to lowes for the parts.  Then, when I went after the kiddie car wash parts I grabbed what I need for this too! Did I mention that this project is so so easy? I am making another one today because I love this one so much!


All you need is….

  • (1) 4 foot piece of rebar (sold near the concrete at lowes)
  • (5)- 6 inch ceramic flower pots
  • 1 plastic bowl ( found on clearance for $0.99)
  • Spray primer and paint for the pots
  • flowers and dirt to fill pots.

So I just sprayed the pots with primer and then the spray paint.  I chose this robins egg blue (Love!)

Then you are going to pick where you want this in your yard and push the rebar in the ground about 1 foot.


Once you pots are dry, slide one down the rebar at an angle.  Fill it with dirt and flowers.  Then add the next and do the same.  Leaning them in different directions.

I then drilled a hole in the middle of my bowl the same size as my rebar.  I think mine was 3/8 inch.


I then just pushed it down on the top and filled it with seed!


This is such a fun whimsical addition to the backyard.  The birds love me too!  You can also make this a bird bath instead by adding some bathroom calking around the rebar and the bowl so it doesn’t leak.  That may be what I do with the next one!


Look who I spotted after installation.

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    1. 5 stars
      Shandra, ditto on the squirrels in my yard, but I bet it’d be adorable even minus the top feeder part!

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