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Organic Garden Insect Spray Recipe

Do you have a bug problem in your organic garden but don’t want to use pesticides?! Check out this Organic Garden Insect Spray RecipeDo you have a bug problem in your organic garden but don't want to use pesticides?! Check out this Organic Garden Insect Spray Recipe

My garden was off to a fantastic start. Everything is flowering! The cucumbers have taken off, and so have the tomatoes.  I walked outside the other morning to the sad scene pictured above. CATERPILLARS. Hungry little nasty green fat juicy caterpillars. All over everything and I wanted to cry.  I am starting pulling them off and squishing them. Organic insect control at it’s finest. LOL, Then my caring, loving 5-Year-old came out and said, “Oh it’s cute! Can I keep it?” ~thud~ So, some of the caterpillars entered the caterpillar relocation program until she went back inside. ~giggle~

I knew better than to let my garden go unprotected, but I planted marigolds around my garden, and that is supposed to deter pests.  Notice how I said SUPPOSED TO.  Apparently, it did not.

Organic Garden Insect Spray 2

Exhibit A: A little nasty green caterpillar (May he rest in peace). This one little tiny bug did a ton of damage.  Not to mention all of his brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts and uncles that had been munching. It was time for some drastic measures.

I am trying to be as organic as possible with my garden. I do not want to spray chemicals on the food my children will eat. AT ALL! So, that is where this recipe comes in for Organic Garden Pest Spray. It works fantastic, but I recommend you spray the tops and bottoms of your leaves. And around the base of your plants.  Just soak the darn things.  I would apply it every day for the first few days until you are sure your plants have a good coat.  Then twice a week should do.

Organic Garden Insect Spray

Organic Garden Insect Spray

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  • Mix all of the above ingredients in an empty spray bottle and shake it vigorously until combined. You will have to re-shake occasionally before spraying.
  • Spray all over the leaves (tops and bottoms) on your plants, and around the base. Do this at least twice a week.

Do you have any organic gardening tips? Feel free to share in the comments.
Organic Garden Insect Spray

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  1. Will this work for flowers too? My hollyhocks leaves are getting eaten up badly, and I need something to stop them from getting any worse.

  2. 5 stars
    Thank you for this recipe. I have everything except for the peppermint oil. I other essential oils except for the peppermint. Will pick that up from our local health food store. Thank you for sharing!

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